Thursday, November 17, 2011

Training - 11-14 - 11-20

11-20 - Sunday: 8 miles (roads) with Emery Bickford, Jose Ortiz, Dave Quintal.  First half of Derry Prep course (with my last mile being towards Salem rather than into Derry).  Started off OK. Had my calf (the bad one) start tweaking bad at about 3-4 miles.  Stopped a couple times to stretch. No help.  It started to get bad again, just like at Winni back on Oct. 1.  Ended up stopping and calling for a ride, rather than go on and have it tear on me over the last hilly 8 miles of the course.  Very depressing.  Now I'm limping again and will no doubt be missing some more time.  Not sure what to do at this point.

11-19 - Saturday: 10.5 miles (roads) with Emery Bickford in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill.  Big loop out to  97.  Beautiful weather, good solid run.  Bad calf seemed OK.  Right calf was a little tight.  Everything else played along nicely. [1:11:45].

11-18 - Friday: 5.2 miles (roads) with E.Bick in Salem. Short, easy headlamp run. Both left and right calf bothering me.  Same old story.  [35:26]

11-17 - Thursday: 9 miles (trails and roads) with Mike Quintal, yes, MIKE Quintal in Andover and Lawrence, MA.  River trail from hotel, but went right instead of left to the 'River Trail Less Travelled'.  We ran towards the condos in Lawrence (the technical end/beginning of the river trail as it stands today). I have only been able to actually get all the way through only twice ever. Every other time I try to get all the way out, I always run into a flooded out section before the end, which makes it impossible to pass.  Today, we ran into the same problem. We ended up running around some streets near where the GTD winter workouts happen, and then back around the hotel and surrounding offices. [1:03:51] Calves started to be a pain (literally) again.  But.... 4 days in a row... Do I smell a comeback?

11-16 - Wednesday: 11.2 miles (roads) with Emery Bickford in Salem, Methuen, Pelham.  Good ole' Harris' Pelham Inn loop in the dark (headlamp run).  Took all 4 townlines from Emery.  Calves started getting tight late. [1:18:51]

11-15 - Tuesday: 5 miles (roads) solo.  Late road run when I got home.  Headlamp run in neighborhoods in Salem, Methuen. Calves still an issue. [33:59]

11-14 - Monday: 5 miles (roads) with Emery Bickford.  Salem, Methuen out and back in neighborhoods.  Very uneventful but better than a zero.  Still trying to get healthy.  Calves still bothering me. [34:02]

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  1. Jim, I've mentioned this to you before and maybe now you'll consider it.

    I have been where you are with my calves. I have been there with the Plantar fasciitis.

    There is a $13 (or so, I haven't looked lately) book called Triggerpoint Therapy - it's here: . That book absolutely can show you how to heal your calves, your pf - most running-related problems.

    I hope that now (as you said you don't know what to do next) you will dole out the fifteen bucks and at least give the book a shot. It works. Read the reviews on Amazon. Most of them aren't from runners, but it works for runners. It does! I think it can be the solution for you.

    All righty then.