Friday, October 28, 2011

Training 10-24 - 10-30

Wrap Up: 56.5 miles on 6 days including one come-back race that was more of a tempo effort, time-wise (race effort,  fitness wise) but a big step in the right direction for me.  I'm in a better place mentally about running today, than I was even on Saturday before Cape Cod.  I look forward to starting to train again, seriously.  This week I'll take it easy and then decide what I am going to point at.  I need to keep working on getting my strength and conditioning back...and also to be able to get my legs used to the pain and stress of racing and running fast!  Boy did they not remember quite what it was supposed to feel like on Sunday.  That was painful!

10-30 - Sunday: 27.2 miles (roads) - Falmouth, MA.  Light jogging to the start and some strides before the Cape Cod Marathon. Top Goal of this one was to finish.  Second goal was to try to stay within three CMS places of Greg Hammett to try to at least secure a tie at the top of the CMS internal GP standings.  Backup goal was to break 2:45 since I have been injured and essentially not running or training hard (or frequently) much at all in the past couple months.  I just wanted to toe the line and see what I could do on essentially no real training and not anywhere near even 75% physically, and I accomplished all those goals. I ran 2:42 something on basically a 5 mile hard effort initially, and then a solid 'going through the motions' for 21 miles.  I'll do a write up later on, but very happy with just finishing this race and running pretty even splits for most of the race (except for going crazy at the beginning like I always do).  No real bad issues other than just feeling horrible leg-wise.  I didn't blow up or really run into any major issues other than the typical marathon stuff.  I had an awful lot of pain and soreness in the legs, but I was expecting that after one of my longest stretches of downtime and light/easy training.  The calf wasn't any worse than it has been and I held up far better than I thought I was going to.  It gives me a ton of hope for the future now... a big pick-me-up and confidence booster for me for sure.

10-29 - Saturday: 30 min. spin on the bike.  Picked up a trainer so I can 'try' to get serious this winter about training and getting/staying fit.  It's all essentially about trying to get passed this weekend and then get to the gettin'.  Because of the race tomorrow, I just enjoyed a light spin while the snow started to fly outside... enough to get a good sweat going.  Watched the last 30 minutes of the Dirty Dozen which seems to be on some channel at least once every other day.  The marathon attempt tomorrow should be interesting.  The weather is interesting here....down near the Cape I think the snow will probably be a non-factor, but it will be far from dry or fast conditions.  I may still bring the Dion 121's just in case.

10-28 - Friday: 5 miles - Neighborhoods past the golf course in Salem, Methuen (solo). Headlamp run as I didn't get out the door until after dark.  Lonely, cold, dreary run... felt alright although I felt some twinging in my calf and hamstring even though I was just going easy.  I can't wait until Sunday. I hope the weather is absolutely horrendous. I need all the help I can get. [34:54]

10-27 - Thursday: 5 miles - Out and back in Salem, Methuen (solo). First run in the snow.  Another headlamp run in light rain/snow mix.  Wet and uneventful. Still just in taper mode (whatever that means). [35:49].

10-26 - Wednesday: 5 miles - Out and back in Salem, Methuen (solo).  Headlamp run.  Ipod died like 2 songs into the run.  Twisted my ankle 3 miles in and had to stop to tend to what I thought was a badly sprained ankle at first, but it was better in about a minute and hobbled back to the house from there.  Started to actually BONK near the house.  Not a good sign.  My running just sucks right now. [35:55]

10-25 - Tuesday: 8.1 miles - hilly 8 loop with E.Bick and DQ from the manor in Salem, NH.  Ran up Reservior Hill in Methuen, then up to Pie Hill, back down and around some neighborhoods before heading back to the manor.  [56:48].  Good run without much issues to speak of.  Took every town/state line of course.

10-24 - Monday: 6.2 miles - Out and back 10k run in Salem, Methuen (solo) on the roads. I guess let the taper begin? It's kinda useless but I'm doing it anyways. My feet/ankles/calves are junk. I'm not sure what's up but it seems like it is getting progressively harder to feel good while trying to train. I'm barely doing anything and feel beat up more than ever for some reason. [42:43]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Training 10-17 - 10-23

Wrap Up: 52.3 miles in 6 days.  Pathetic, but my highest week in 5+ weeks.  Screwed dearly for the marathon, but it is what it is.  Looking to finish at this point and get another long run in.  If my calf holds up, I'll be absolutely shocked.  One decent race, but it wasn't without it's problems.  Fun to actually get back out there and finish a race for once though!

10-23 - Sunday: Off.  Feet were killing me when I woke up and calf was stiff and sore.

10-22 - Saturday: 14 miles (trails) - 2 mile w/up w/ a fit Scotty Mason over the trails in Pawtuckaway State Forest in Nottingham, NH then '11' mile trail/mountain race (which was at least 12 miles and had over 1700 ft. of elevation gain) - Vulcan Fury Trail Race - 1st OA of 118. [1:25:30].  Felt nice and smooth and very strong cardio-wise as I tempo'd most of it (because I was keeping a close watch on my calf).  Was never in the hurt box at all as I led almost the entire thing (after the first mile or so, where I had company).  Loads of single track and VERY wet and rocky. Boulder fields, lots of slick rock slabs, slick bridges, and leaf/pine needle covered trails and dirt roads.  The course had a sick climb up rock steps to the summit about halfway in.  Managed to run the entire thing surprisingly, but got lost 8 or 9 times where I had to stop and try to figure out where I was supposed to go.  I also had to stop to tie my shoes once, which came untied after going through a bunch of water early on in the race.  The last couple miles of the course was tough to follow because of the leaves everywhere on the ground, but the course was very well marked and a great event put on by the folks at Acidotic (as usual).  My calf was borderline bullsh*t after 3 miles.  I had my eye on it the entire time and backed way off for most of the hard ups and downs as it was twinging and hurting (down low near my achilles again).  It never went over the top though and by the end, I felt pretty good.  I was able to really hammer the flatter sections.  I could have gone longer, which is a good sign for my calf.  I think being on the roads next week is doable for the race...we'll see.  Good to get the monkey of no race finishes so far in October finally off my back!  Tim Cox (CMS) 2nd place.  Keith Schmitt 3rd.  Bagged Nottingham and Deerfield for the first times.  Good test of my calf and good confidence booster.  I actually felt like a runner today.

10-21 - Friday: 6.2 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen (out and back) solo.  Hammered the last mile after starting out w/ the normal tempo.  [39:59].  Felt pretty good.  Some minor twinging but holding up.

10-20 - Thursday: 9 miles (roads and trails) - w/ University of Lowell Cross Country All American David Quintal.  Ran from Salem/Methuen line on 97 up to Crystal Gorge trails in Haverhill, MA.  Did some loops in there and ran back.  It was pretty wet in there and some of the lower parts were flooded.  Quintal tried to take a town line (key word is 'tried') and pushed the tempo up to a near race pace effort on the way back. I ran [1:03:04].  DQ was [1:03:34].

10-19 - Wednesday: 5 miles (roads) - w/ E-Bick in Salem, Methuen (out and back) in the pouring rain.  Both of us almost took a zero but decided to get a short, easy run in. [35:07]

10-18 - Tuesday: 10 miles (roads) - w/ Emery Bickford in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - Spicket Hill / Scotland Hill loop from Emery's house. [1:10:00].  Calf was a little twingy at the end.  Later on (before bed), my right foot started to KILL.  Not sure if it's a foot cramp or what.  Watching this closely.  This is all I need now is another foot issue.

10-17 - Monday: 8.1 miles (roads) - solo out and back in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill.  [51:57].  Felt pretty strong.  Calf twinged a little bit but no real major problems.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Training 10-10 - 10-16

Wrap Up: 52.2 miles for the week on 6 days (with one day being only 4).  OK week for having ZERO miles last week while letting my calf heal.  Slowly built up starting with an easy 4 on Monday and working up, taking Thursday off to be safe, then running a couple good runs (10 and 16.3, which was the highlight of the week).  I didn't want to jump into anything crazy with miles, especially now that Cape is right around the corner. I'm in no way ready for a high 2:20s or low 2:30s effort, but I think maybe a tad over 6 minute pace may be doable IF my calf and hamstrings hold up.  High 2:30s could be achievable on this level of fitness I think, but then again, my luck in marathons and long races lately is anything but predictable.  Baystate video coming hopefully this week....been very busy around here lately with some things happening that have been kind of taking my focus away from running...but I'm looking to re-kindle the love affair with miles hopefully after the Cape is dead and buried.  I did get a little inspired this weekend though, seeing a lot of my mates and locals in big races...Nate, Fyffe, Ferenc, Dan the Man, Patrick, Sully, Joe Mo, MQ, etc.  I wish I was racing again. I haven't finished a race in October (and only attempted 1).  My last FINISH was Pisgah.  Not good.

10-16-11 - Sunday: 6 miles (roads) solo whilst running to and fro during the Baystate Marathon in Lowell, MA.  I ran 3+ miles on the course from about the 3 mile mark before watching Sully and Joe Mo and a few others come screaming by.  I ran a few more here and there as I watched at the 3,8,13, and 26 mile marks.  [45:00]

10-15-11 - Saturday: 16.3 miles (roads) solo.  Derry prep course, Derry NH (plus the start back to the car).  [1:47:41].  Went through the 16 mark in 1:45:00.  Felt really good and had zero problems cardio-wise.  Felt like I didn't miss a beat actually... but my calf started to ache around 9 mile mark (right before Drew rd. hill) and then again after 12, all the way to the finish.  It wasn't too bad, but there is still something not quite right.  It was beautiful at the starts, nice and sunny and warm.  It got really windy in the middle, rained a little bit heading towards the end, and then got sunny and brisk at the end.  Very strange weather-wise, but perfect fall day to run.  Stretching, hydration, and continuous miles until Cape to make sure I can just stay within 8 CMS places of Greg Hammett :).

10-14-11 - Friday: 10 miles (roads and trails) with DQ in N.Andover.  High School to trails, and then loops in town (in the rain most of the time) [1:15:00].  Going through the motions....kind of uninspired running right now...

10-13-11 - Thursday: off.

10-12-11 - Wednesday: 8.7 miles (roads) solo in Salem, Methuen.  Little by little coming back.  Right leg was bothering me a little at first, then it loosened up but gave way to my left hamstring getting a bit tight, but nothing serious.  Bad stomach issues halfway through and had to ditch off into the woods on the way back to take care of business...sweet relief after that for the way back.  Took it pretty easy, needing to make sure I slowly build back up without issue. [59:31]

10-11-11 - Tuesday: 6.2 miles (roads) solo in Salem, Methuen. Almost didn't get this in as it was a super busy day but got out and got a decent run in at the last minute.  Baby steps... need to ease back into this so I don't get hurt and with the Cape all but around the corner, I just want to be able to be in some sort of running shape when I toe the line.  I won't be in fast marathon shape for sure, but that's not really the goal at this point unfortunately.  My hamstrings were REALLY sore from the start believe it or not.  Must have been from no running for 8 days and then starting up yesterday.  It's a good hurt though.  [42:02].  I'll keep increasing a bit before obviously backing off a little right before 'the event' down in Falmouth.

10-10-11 - Monday: 4 miles (roads) with Emery Bickford in Salem, NH.  First run in 8 days and felt pretty decent.  Started out a little tough and found out it was a 6:30 first mile, so that explains it. [27:03].  Baby steps.  Still planning on running Cape but just gonna go do it just to get it done in case the team needs me.  A couple weeks to get back some fitness so that I can just grind through without any issues, will be the main goal.

On Saturday, I did a hike with Kristin up in the Whites.  We bagged Mt. Liberty and Mt. Flume (2 more 4000'ers I didn't have).  My calf held up nicely and only on the way down (6 hours into the hike) did my calf and achilles even give me a hint of discomfort.  My plantar hurt more than anything else.  Amazingly, today I feel absolutely fine.  Amazing what time off will do.  Just glad to be running again...