Monday, September 26, 2011

Training 09-26 - 10-02

Wrap Up:  58.6 miles on 6 days (with one of those days only being 2 miles).  Got injured running and racing on a insanely tight left leg and let it go until it was too late.  Details below in the Saturday writeup. I didn't spend too much time writing this up because I have been super busy here at home and with work and been very unmotivated to think about or write about running when I am not running.  I will be laying out some new thoughts, plans, goals, etc. for my 'comeback' special that will hopefully begin filming this coming week (if I can start to actually move faster than limping around). One thing is for sure's about time I start to pay attention to those little things I don't do like stretching, etc.

10-02 - Sunday: 0 miles (injured).  Couchbound all day.

10-01 - Saturday: 17 miles (approx) trails.  Warmed up at Winni with Dan Verrington, Dave Quintal, and Todd Callahan.  Then ran the first 15K + about a mile and a half of the Winnekenni 25k race.  Was out in front in a big way after running the first lap (5 x 5k loops) with Todd C. and then taking off on the 2nd.  By the third lap I was way out in front and felt completely fine.  Felt like I was almost just doing a tempo and not really in any sort of distress fitness wise but all of the sudden my achilles felt like it was ripped off the back of my foot/leg. I had been struggling w/ tight, clicking achilles on my left leg for a couple weeks. I had to bail out of Codfish Bowl XC last weekend because of it, and now this.  I literally fell to the ground right between the lake and the basin.  I got up, and screamed in pain. I tried to stretch out near a tree but it was no use.  I couldn't even stand on it.  I limped/crawled up the trail and tried to get back up to the start/finish via a shortcut but it was way further than I thought.  No one was in sight when this happened and I had a multi minute lead on Todd, but my day was over.  I staggered up the hill against race traffic and eventually made my way up within a couple minutes of the start/finish before John Pajer's wife saw me, went back to the start/finish, and got help.  Mike St. Hillaire and another gentleman came down and carried me all the way back.  When I got back to the start area, there was a couple of PT people there and they worked on me for about an hour.  My calf and hamstring was very tight and my calf took a huge beating. I had thought all along that it was my achilles and that was it, but it was looking like my calf was to blame.  The session was one of the most painful I've ever had if not the most painful.  My calf and various muscles making up the lower leg were so tight the guy was amazed I was running on them.  By the time I was done getting worked on, I had help getting back over to my car and I drove home (somehow).  That day (Saturday) I couldn't even walk at all. I was on the couch the entire day.  I couldn't even stand.  When I woke up Saturday, my achilles was NO LONGER popping and it really didn't even hurt anymore (first time in 2 weeks) but my calf was brutalized.  I was able to limp very gingerly and basically kept up the ice, elevation routine on and off.  Fast forward to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and now Thursday (Oct. 6) and it is getting slightly better each day.  I am still not able to even jog on it, but I am almost able to walk without a limp.  My calf is no doubt sprained or strained.  I don't think any permanent damage was done, but I'm not sure.  I am giving it a week, and will try to pickup were I left off with just getting back to running.  Just touching it is so painful.  I can't get up on my toes, can't push off at all, and can't make any sudden movements.  It is getting progressively better though with each day.  With Cape Cod in 3 weeks, I am not going to be fit in any fashion for a fast marathon, but I want to just get to the line and help the team if needed.

09-30 - Friday: 10.8 miles (roads) - w/ Scotty McGrath in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - spicket hill /north ave hill loop. [1:09:26]

09-29 - Thursday: 10.3 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - with Emery Bickford and Chris Mahoney-Searles... yes, that's right, THE Chris Mahoney-Searles (or 'CMS' for short).  My house up Spicket (from Stanwood side), down and back over to the hills up North St. and back down. Hilly loop, poured over the second half and was pitch dark, slogging through deep puddles.  We started moving on the way back from the last of the hills (after Chris and Emery started pushing the pace) and finished up with a pretty solid run considering the weather.  I managed to take every town line however.  Felt almost normal on this run.  The achilles was an issue going up Spicket but other than that it was alright.  [1:13:24]

09-28 - Wednesday: 8.5 miles (roads) - solo.  Headlamp run.  Couldn't get away from work early enough.  Salem, Methuen roads.  [56:16].  Testing the achilles more than anything. It held up 'OK'.  Tight and sore near the end.  I don't think I could have gone too much longer at that clip without it starting to get serious.

09-27 - Tuesday: 10 miles (trails/rail trail) - w/ DQ from Victorian Station in Salem. Salem, Windham, Derry. [1:15:24]  Achilles was junk but didn't hold me back too much on the flats.  I chose the rail trail because there is zero elevation gain (obviously). Good news is that it isn't any worse than it has been.  It actually is probably better than yesterday, so that's a huge plus.

Rant of the Day: They are RUINING the rail trail in Windham/Derry by building more McMansion neighborhoods right up against the trail about halfway between Salem and Windham Depot.  I'm talking right up against the trail.  It looks like the cul-de-sacs (one on each side) will go right up against it.  I couldn't believe it.  In a pretty remote section of the woods, they cut right in and opened it up on both sides.  It looks awful.  I thought the housing market was supposed to be bad.  Do we need more houses going up in what little woods we actually have here?  It really is a shame.  I also noticed that when we got to Windham Depot the beginning of the Derry portion of the trail (that has been unpaved and pretty rugged up until now) was all blocked off and a sign said that the trail was closed.  Of course DQ and I went around it and kept going on it for a bit.  I noticed they had cut back the growth from the sides and it looked to me like they were going to actually start to pave it.  I confirmed this by reading that the work actually started last week and will be done by November.  I kind of liked the unpaved section...but after November, that entire stretch all the way up to the existing paved section at Bower's Rd. will be paved now.  The ATV guys are going to hate that.  That leaves just the small stretch from Salem Depot, over the bridge across 111, and up to the start of the Windham Rail Trail on Lamson Rd. as the only unpaved spots left from Salem Depot all the way up to Hoods Pond in Derry.

09-26 - Monday: 2 miles (roads) - started out w/ guns blazing, thinking I was good to go, after resting yesterday.  As soon as I got to the first hill, my achilles popped bad.  It is super tight and painful.  I had to stop, turn around, and come back down.  Not what I was expecting.  This one little thing seems to be my only hitch right now and it's annoying.  [13:00]

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