Saturday, September 24, 2011

Training 09-19 - 09-25

Wrap Up: 46.3 miles for the week with a day off and a bunch of short days. Achilles problem hopefully is just a minor setback.  I may need a few days but we'll see. I've been sleeping with the boots on (night splints) to help w/ plantar problems and that has really done the trick, but now I fear maybe it led to this...I am going to go without the boot for a bit and see.  I am also trying to figure out what I will be focusing on the rest of my running career as things appear to be getting a bit stale...I was super motivated after the disaster in the Netherlands and now I'm just not even close to wanting to even go outside.  Pisgah was a welcome change in that mentality, but I'm sinking back into not giving a crap right now...especially with hobbling on my left leg.

09-25 - Sunday - Off.  Achilles is still bad.  Just driving and walking were no good. Bad end to recovery week. At this point, I am going to take it slow, make sure I can run steady again before doing anything stupid.

09-24 - Saturday - 6 miles (grass, dirt) - 4 or so mile w/ up (with strides and staying loose, kind of) then race: Codfish Bowl XC - Boston, MA.  Dropped at 2 miles exactly.  Barely made it 1.5 while running.  My achilles was wrecked.  I had a really bad warmup and my achilles was sore as hell and popping the whole time.  It got worse as the race started and I could barely keep up a racing stride.  I got a horrible start, was way back right at the gun, and was fighting to land right through the thick grass.  Went through the mile in about 4:55 and then struggled up Bear Cage hill and got passed by a million guys.  My achilles was so sore on the way up.  The way down was OK, but by the time I got to the flat and onto the grass, it was killing me again.  Didn't even make it to the wilderness loop. Very sad.  I tried to not think about it during the race, but it was just taking the fight right out of me.  I drove all that way, paid for the race, and ran for 2 miles.  My 2 mile split was about 10:30 and that was enough for me to call it a day and go home and ice.  I may try something tomorrow, but I'm not sure.  Very depressing to have my 4th DNF since coming back to running in 5 years, but 3 of those 4 are THIS YEAR.  I do not want to make a habit of this, but it's looking like I'm finally starting to slide downhill a little bit.  I hope it's just tightness from last weekend's 50K and 5k double.

09-23 - Friday: 6.3 miles (roads). Salem, Methuen (out and back).  This is rapidly becoming a recovery week for me but rightfully so, with Pisgah 50k last Sunday.  Relatively steady run today in the rain, but short mileage. [41:43].

09-22 - Thursday: 9 miles (trails).  Windham Town Forest trails w/ DQ from trailhead of 28 in Windham.  Raining and humid.  Steady run.  [1:08:43]

09-21 - Wednesday: 8 miles (roads/woods) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill. Ran up Scotland Hill and then down Pine Tree Drive to find some trails that I have known have been down there for some time.  I didn't find the best entry point, but did find some dirt road and clearings that were runable for a little bit.  The woods got thick and that apparently wasn't the best route to take to get down into those trails and paths that run along the golf course imprint that has been obvious on Google maps since I've been mapping out my runs.  I know there is a better way to get in there, but I couldn't get there from that neighborhood.  On the way back out of a bushwhack between Pine Tree drive and Stephen Ave, I was pushing through small trees and bushes and came nose-to-butthole with a humungous buck.  All of the sudden I crossed my eyes and stared right into the rear of the deer as he jumped up from the ground (probably sleeping) and almost kicked me in the face as ran away through the bushes....scared me half to death.  Just wandered around and headed down a couple other streets I've never run on before, as I just took it easy and tried to recover from the last few days. [57:31]

09-20 - Tuesday: 10.2 miles (xc workout) w/ Merrimack men's team at Brooks in N.Andover.  21 min. w/up entirely on grass and xc course + 7 x 1000M (3:20 of hard running around the athletic fields (all grass and varying terrain, so could have been a little more than 1000 each time) with 90 sec. in between + 16:30 cooldown on course. 70 min total.  Most of this was done on the Brooks xc course, which is marked around the athletic fields.  Good mix of small, short ups and downs and straights on all grass.  Did this in the Inov-8 baregrips.

09-19 - Monday: 6.8 miles (roads) - recovery run from yesterday's 50k. Frankly I'm amazed I could even walk or put on shoes today, let alone run any distance.  I felt a bit stiff at first, but loosened up around 2 miles and felt great at the end.  A bit tight for sure, but I'm mobile.  Feet actually felt really good, in stark contrast to how they felt laying in bed last night and when I got up this morning. [48:13].

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