Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Training 09-12 - 09-18

Wrap Up: 80.8 miles on the week with all singles and 1 day off.  2 good races.  1 good 5k on a solo effort and 1 great ultra.  Happy with this week as I didn't overdue it and the body is hanging in there.  My feet are still wrecked but the night splits are helping.  Pisgah destroyed my plantars again but they will hopefully start feeling better in a day or so.  I feel much better about my running after this week.  I have learned that I am essentially good for a 15:30 something when I am in great 5k shape and when I am nowhere near in 5k shape... so I'm not sure how to think about that one....but in any case, I'll take them as long as I can still get 'em.  Still on a high from my new Pisgah PB.  If I could only walk right now...

09-18 - Sunday: 31+ miles (trails, rocks, mountains, mud, dirt roads, paved roads, grass) - Pisgah Mountain Trail Race 50K - Chesterfield, Hinsdale, Winchester, NH.  2nd OA - 3:42:10 (under the old CR). Lost to Dave Herr by 18 seconds.  Yes, 18 seconds.  No warm up or cool down because, well, it was a 50K.  Writeup to follow.

09-17 - Saturday: 10.1 miles (roads) - 4+ mile w/up including 5k course and strides.  Then race: Pelham Old Home Days 5k - Pelham, NH - 1st OA - 15:34.  Cooldown - 3 miles (roads) around the square and cemetery.

09-16 - Friday: 13 miles (trails) - 3 solo and 10 w/ Dave Quintal on river trail from hotel.  3 on the trails back and forth until DQ showed up.  [1:40:30]

09-15 - Thursday: 0 - off day.  Work really busy and got dark before I knew it.  With 50k coming up, decided to take a rest.

09-14 - Wednesday: 10.1 miles (roads) - with Emery Bickford - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill.  Hilly loop from yesterday only starting and ending at Emery's house in Salem.  Nice and easy. [1:13:04].

09-13 - Tuesday: 10.2 miles (roads) - solo.  Hilly road loop from my house, up Spicket Hill, down and up to Scotland Hill and back down to my house. [1:04:50].  Besides having to use the bathroom most of the run, I had a massive right shoulder cramp around 8 miles...I've never had one of these on a run before...not sure what it was, but by 10 miles it was gone.  Good solid mild-tempo effort for a lot of the run.

09-12 - Monday: 6.3 miles (roads) - solo.  Out and back in Salem/Methuen.  Felt really good and worked it on the way back.  Best I've felt on a run in a long while.  Almost took the day off today after yesterday's long run...I'm glad I didn't.

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