Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Training 09-05 - 09-11

Wrap Up: 81.1 miles for the week with zero doubles, two short days, one good race, and one long-arse run.  Had to back off the frequency a little this week after last week's craziness.  Still managed over 80 with a long slog on Sunday w/ DQ to the airport and back.  Congrats to Matt Pimentel and Linsey (Cohen) Pimentel on their wedding on Saturday. Awesome time...

Also, congrats to Max King (OR) and Kasie Enman (VT) for BOTH winning the World Mountain Running Championships in Albania today.  Unbelievable!!!

Lastly, 10 years ago today, I arrived to work on a really nice September afternoon, in Newton, MA, having listed to a CD on the way in, and not having read the newspaper or seen any TV or internet new reports yet....On my way to my cube, I still had no idea what the significance that day would ultimately hold and as I reached my desk, I  had a coworker peek over my cubicle wall and tell me  about some trouble in NYC.  I remember him saying 'did you hear the news?'. and I said ' no, what', and he said 'some airplanes crashed into some buildings in New York'...We took a walk down to the main function room where there was a television and just about the entire office squeezed into the area watching the events of the morning unfold.  I watched the Pentagon and Pennsylvania reports come in, the towers fall (to the gasps and eventual tears of some around me), and all the chaos that ensued in those couple hours just past the start of the workday here on the East coast.  They let us out early and closed the buildings down.  The way home that day I scanned through all the radio stations, who were all reporting on the events, and I sat in some unusual traffic for the time of day, as most businesses and companies sent workers home for safety reasons.  It was only after I was home and sitting there watching TV for the rest of the afternoon, did I start to fully understand what happened.  The world changed that day and I think we are still trying to come to grips, and understand what happened 10 years later.  I can't believe it has been 10 years, as I type this.  Sometimes it seems like it happened not too long ago, and sometimes it seems like it happened ages ago...One thing is clear, and that is I've lived a large portion of my adult life (so far) with the specter of that day in my mind, and it will always be there.  I will never forget.

09-11 - Sunday: 27.4 miles (rail trail) w/ Dave Quintal.  2011 Airport Run.  Successful attempt at reaching the airport perimeter fence at Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH.  Started in Salem, NH at the southern terminus of the Windham/Derry Rail Trail (Rockingham Trail) behind Cycles Etc. in North Salem.  Ran up through Salem, Windham, Derry, Londonderry, and Manchester.  The stretch after Hood's Pond in Derry gets pretty rough going in spots and grown in, but still very runable.  Once we got to about 12.5 in, we had to re-route slightly, to a parallel dirt road next to the trail, that was much better footing.  The trail in that section has rails that are essentially cutting through a swamp.  That dirt road goes right out to Harvey Rd. in Manchester, that runs right along the fence at the southeastern part of the airport. We could see all the planes, runways, towers, and terminal buildings with a nice backdrop of the Bedford Hills in the distance behind it.  We were 1:56:45 on the way out and 1:51:49 on the way back.  3:48:35 total.  Nice and easy pace from the start.  Beautiful morning (mid 50's at the start at 7:30am).

09-10 - Saturday: 10.7 miles - roads - 4.5 mile w/ up over course w/ CMS crew + a little extra and strides + race: Canal Diggers 5k in Worcester, MA.  2nd OA - 15:33 (1st was Joeseph Koech) + 5k cooldown over the course again w/ a big crew.  Legs and everything else felt great.  It was pretty warm and humid out at race time and I felt pretty sluggish, but no physical issues.  We had a good pack through 1.5 and then it strung out from there.  The course was a wheel measured 5k but apparently last year, the times were about 30-35 seconds fast because the race goes for about a tenth of a mile and then crosses the finish timing mat.  Apparently, everyone's chip started registering from that mat, so the distance was true but the times were fast by a tenth of a mile or so.  This year, they made sure this didn't happen.  The course is pretty flat, with only a couple rolls and some slight incline on the second mile.  The last mile is super fast. $100 beans (cash) for second place and comp entry from CMS made it a prosperous day.

09-09 - Friday: 6.8 miles - roads - with Dave Kwintile from Mobile station up Spicket down around for a loop then back up over Spicket Hill.  Dave was running angry. [54:00]

09-08 - Thursday: 10 miles - roads - solo.  I may have been able to run with Casey Moulton today. [1:05:44]. Bad news is that my left arse started to hurt again at about 8 miles.  I drank so much water today (coupled w/ NUUN tabs), I was sure I wouldn't have a problem, but it cropped back up again.  Pims' bachelor party tonight... Should I tweet periodically?  Thinking about it...

09-07 - Wednesday: 11 miles - roads - solo quasi-tempo effort after the first few miles.  Felt pretty strong.  Nothing really bothering me other than the normal stuff.  Glad to have gotten out there today, as it was a crummy day with pretty constant rain...any miles today was a bonus. [1:10:42]

09-06 - Tuesday: 10 miles - trails - da Rivah from hotel w/ Mike Quintal.  Very easy.  Recovery run yet again as I just try to get back into feeling somewhat comfortable.  [1:23:24].  Raining and relatively mild weather.  My feet and ankles/achillies are still pretty sore.  Everything else seems OK.  Mike got a new radio installed in his truck.  Good times.

09-05 - Monday: 5.2 miles (solo) - roads. Salem, Methuen. [37:26] .  Sluggish and recovering from Wapack.  Surprisingly I am actually able to run a bit though...blisters aren't too bad and the tightness isn't what I was expecting.  Going to back off slightly this week and just try to get back to feeling good again...right now I'm carrying around too much pain.

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