Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Market Square Day 10K

Missing race report # 1 (or poor excuse for one) - Market Square Day 10K - Portsmouth, NH - June 11, 2011.

Bob Wiles gave me crap today for not doing a writeup for this race.  This year there have been a bunch of races that I didn't recap for one reason or another.  I'm not sure why I didn't recap this race because it is probably my 2nd favorite race of the year behind Mt. Washington and it is always the week before Mt. Washington, so needless to say I love June.  I also ran well here, so I'm not sure why I neglected to write this up...

I won't get too deep into details here because lets face it, it was a while ago...but seeing Kevin Tilton just got around to posting about this year's Mt. Washington Road Race, I figured I'd one-up him and post a quickie about MSD.

First of all, no I did not get the course record (which belongs to Guy Stearns with a nice 29:38 run he threw down back in 1985).  Heck, I didn't even win...but I did accomplish a couple of things...I ran my fastest time on this course (31:56), I equalled my best placement at this race (3rd), and I got Patrick Moulton (whom I've never beaten) to continuously look over his shoulder for me over the last .2 of the race....which felt pretty good :).  All it took was for me to run a sub 32 and for him to be very out of shape at the time :)

I was pleased with my effort here (especially after the disastrous run I had in 2010, where everyone and their mother beat me at this race).  I ran with Bob and Patrick for most of the race, fell back a bit in the middle, but then recovered and caught back up near 5.5 or so before Wiles made a move and Patrick tried to follow.  I fell of just a bit, Pat settled for 2nd, and Bob cruised.  That was that.  Here is the outcome on video (courtesy of my Dad and another couple of vids I found on Youtube from a user called jamesleetn and another user called dttvcritic.

The start (courtesy of dttvcritic).

Video from jamesleetn at maybe 4-5 mile mark or so.  I am about 5 seconds back of Bob and Pat.

Video of the finish (Bob, Pat, and then me) courtesy of my Dad...

Video of the awards courtesy of my Dad...