Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler

Tuesday - August 02, 2011

Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler 
Newburyport, MA

10 miles (course seemed to be lengthened this year)
Terrain: Road (paved)
Ascent: NA
Time: 52:34
2nd place overall of 1255

Mile 1)   5:06
Mile 2)   5:11 (10:17)
Mile 3)   5:24 (15:41)
Mile 4)   5:05 (20:46)
Mile 5)   5:20 (26:07)
Mile 6)   5:26 (31:34)
Mile 7)   5:20 (36:55)
Mile 8)   5:16 (42:11)
Mile 9)   5:16 (47:27)
Mile 10) 5:08 (52:34)
Finish: 52:34

First 5 Miles: 26:07
Last 5 Miles: 26:27

Race website: here

Results: here

Photo / Video Credits

Peter McClelland
Dave Johnson (my Dad)

Race Report:

This past Tuesday I ran in my 4th Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler.  I first did this race as part of MVS in 2008 (just before I joined CMS). It was in the USATF-NE Grand Prix that year.  I was 31st that year with a 55:36.  In 2009, I returned in a non-Grand Prix year and ran 55:11 for 12th overall.  In 2010, I came back once again and ran 54:18 for 9th place OA in another non-Grand Prix year.  Going from 31st to 12th, to 9th was pretty cool and to be able to run a little faster each time was also a good sign.  But I was underachieving I think at the 10 mile distance, considering I have run 53 and change for 10 mile splits at the New Bedford Half Marathon. I was looking to change that at Newburyport this year, but told my parents (who were there watching) that if I was sub 54, that would be a decent day.

I warmed up with Sully who was looking for a good solid 10 miles as he's training for Baystate in October.  I felt OK but not super ready for 10 miles for some reason.  I threw on the Inov-8 Road X-lite 155's I've been rocking lately, and headed over to the line.

The race went off relatively easy although a pack of 5 went out slightly harder than I did.  Joseph Koech and Joseph Ekuom went out pretty hard with Matt Manning and Bryan Morseman in tow.  Justin Freeman was slightly off the back of them and I was right behind Justin.  As the race went down High Street, I pulled up aside Justin and we ran together for a bit before he made a slight move and caught back up to the lead pack as we turned onto Marlboro St.

I clicked through the first mile in 5:06 and was feeling pretty good and like I was holding back, which was nice....but it's still a bit aggressive for me, especially in the middle of the summer at 6:10pm.  The race is usually a sizzler but the temps were as cool as I've ever seen at this race (probably in the high 70s or near 80).  I was alone by a good margin, as the lead pack had some distance on me and I couldn't hear anyone near me as I turned onto Water St.

The stretch along the water (Water St. into Merrimack St.) is a nightmare once you get up through the little square and start weaving in and out of 5k back of the packers.  It is a mess.  I still don't know why they do it this way.  They should start the 5k either a little later or just have it go a different way.  There are a few blocks where you just run into constant streams of people walking a 5k, holding hands, taking up the entire road, and strut around oblivious to a race coming up from behind them.  Last year, someone actually had a medical problem in the back of the 5k and there was an ambulance in the middle of the already narrow street, with gads of onlookers and 'racers' standing around watching.  I had to almost push my way past on the sidewalk.  This year, I had to yell at a few little kids and people with iPods (and not a care in the world)  in their ears to get out of my way, pick a side, etc.  During this section, I actually caught up to Matt Manning who had fallen off the pack and came back over the stretch of a mile and a half or so. My second mile was still a bit quick at 5:11 (for a 10:17 2-mile split) but I was pushing on.

I went through 3 miles just ahead of Matt in a much slower 5:24 (due in part to the nightmare of running into the 5k people). Just past Oakland St., the 10 milers are now on their own.  I was able to open it up a bit on Matt here and drop my fastest mile of the day in a 5:05, coming through 4 miles in 20:46.  I really didn't pay attention to time at this point and now only focused on keeping up the pace and trying to keep the lead group in sight.  I was 5th at this point (after passing Matt) and kept thinking that '5th would be nice to hold'.  But I really did think that I'd be caught eventually and that I could say that 'through 5 miles, I was still in 5th'...

As I hit my 5 split, I noticed the overall time for the first time and saw 26:07.  I thought that was a bit ambitious, but I also felt pretty good and kept pushing on as the course takes a turn up some of the only real hilly sections leading up to Maudslay.  During the 5th mile I started to notice Joseph Ekuom dropping off the pace up front and by the top of the hill near the sharp turn onto Pine Hill Rd., he had dropped back to me.  I passed him just before the highway overpass and water stop before heading down past Maudslay.  He hung on a bit but the hill and early pace had taken it's toll on him.

Just as Maudslay park was in sight on the right-hand side of the road, the course for some bizarre reason, took a left into some neighborhoods off of Pine Hill Rd. and did a big loop around a block before dumping back out onto the main road.  It was like adding what looked like a quarter mile to the race!  I was shocked and had no idea the race was going to go that way.  It was the first time in 4 years we had gone down that block but I just focused on the lead pack that was now made up of just 3 guys, not too far ahead of me.  I had made up some major ground on them over the last couple miles and now was within earshot of them.  As they took the turn back onto the main road, I saw Justin Freeman right behind Bryan Morseman and Joseph Koech and he glanced back at me.  Right after that, he made his move.

I turned onto the main road again and noticed that Justin had broken the group apart and Joseph Koech was now falling off the back.  I was continuing to put distance on Joseph Ekuom and running down Koech.  As we took the turn onto Hoyts Lane, I was catching up behind Koech and gaining on the group.  I didn't actually pass him initially and was still behind him when we dumped out onto rt. 113, which essentially turns into High St. at the end.  I ran behind him for most of the stretch down 113 and he reacted initially and didn't let me pass.

I went by Kevin Alliette (2nd in the 5k) who was screaming his head off at just shy of the 8 mile mark near the highway overpass.  I was still riding 4th place but ready to go by Koech.  Just after going up over the overpass, I went by him and set my sights now on Bryan Morseman who had also fallen off of Justin's move, but was still holding onto 2nd place.   I had no visions of a 2nd place finish here, but up to this point I had been mowing down people and not giving up any ground on anyone else.  By 9 miles, I was right up behind Bryan (who is a 2:20:11 marathoner by the way).  We were also not too far behind Justin and the lead police motorcycle.  I clicked through 9 miles not even looking at my watch or thinking about time.  Since we went and did that add-on in the neighborhood, I wasn't even thinking the time would be any good anyways.  I was just going for place and found myself riding step for step next to Bryan.  I felt him react a bit and wasn't sure about his kick or if I even had anything to match it.  I just felt like maybe 3rd was OK and that I was content with top 3. I tried to pull away just a bit but he would match the stride.  I didn't put any big moves in during the first part of the 10th mile, but since I had been catching him the whole  last half of the race, I should have realized that I was stronger at that point.  Just as I was starting to wonder what this finish was going to look like, I heard someone on the side of the road yell out 'less than a half mile'.  At that point I figured I could run hard for 2:30 and see what happens...I made a little more aggressive move and moved in front of him. At that point I just waited for him to pull up and run past but it never happened.  I continued to push on and he fell back just a little bit but not too much.

As I approached the last hard right and then sharp left to go up and behind the School (and finish area), I was within a baseball's throw of Justin Freeman.  I had a brief moment where I thought that if the stretch of High St. was just a bit longer, I may be able to catch him, but I saw the police lights and then Justin himself, disappear into the crowd and take that right to head to the finish and I knew that I was now in a race to hold off 3rd place and steal a 2nd.  I hit that last turn where it seemed like there were hundreds of people and all sides of the entire stretch of road were just lined with people yelling for me.  I headed up that last little climb and shot down the last little bit of side road to the finish.  I held off Bryan who was 7 seconds back and Justin was a mere 16 seconds ahead of me.  Not what I was expecting at all.  A pleasant surprise to say the least.

Top 10 Plus CMS Scorers in Blue:

1Justin Freeman     34NEW HAMPTON     NH  52:185:14RUN         
2Jim Johnson        34SALEM           NH  52:345:16CMS         
3Bryan Morseman     25ADDISON         NY  52:415:16            
4Joseph Koech       41CHELMSFORD      MA  53:095:19RUN         
5Patrick Rich       34SOUTH HAMILTON  MA  53:345:22CMS         
6Joseph Ekuom       41NEW PLAZA       NY  53:415:23            
7Matthew Manning    31BATON ROUGE     LA  53:455:23WCRC        
8Joseph Navas       40NORTH EASTHAM   MA  54:185:26WHIRLAWAY   
9Gregory Picklesimer45NEWTON          MA  54:305:27SRR         
10Matthew Germain    29HAVERHILL       MA  54:545:30SISU
24Mike Quintal       33NORTH ANDOVER   MA  59:175:56CMS         
28Dan Verrington     49BRADFORD        MA  59:395:58CMS         
36David Quintal      48SALEM           NH1:00:516:06CMS         

1255 Total Finishers.

CMS also won the team title and a cool $400 beans.  Split 5 ways, that's a nice 80 bills for each guy plus $300 bucks for me for my 2nd place finish gives me a nice payday (for me anyways) of 380 (less the 30 bucks it cost to race!).  Walking away with a PR plus net $350 bucks is a pretty good night.

Some short video clips my Dad took of the race (below).

First vid is of the start of the 10 Miler.

Second vid is of race winner Justin Freeman.  My Dad wasn't expecting me right behind Justin so he turned the camera off but just before he turns it off, you can hear the announcer say 'and from Salem'...

Third vid is of me finishing in 2nd place right as my Dad gets the camera back on.

It really confuses me that they added the neighborhood section this year.  The did move the start up a little bit (what seemed to be negligible) and they moved the finish line out from the 50 yard line, to what looked like 60 yards total, back to the current finish area.  The rest of the course was identical to years past.  I have no idea how they measured out that the addition of that entire neighborhood section was equal to the amount they moved the start and finish.  It wasn't even close.

Newburyport 10M Course without the new 2011 addon:
10.07 miles

Newburyport 10M Course WITH the new 2011 addon:
10.24 miles

Looking at the photos and video of the start and finish of this years race plus the course maps that are on file on USATF.com, I know that this version is longer than the previous years.  Maybe this version is closer to being legit and maybe the previous years were short!  Either way, it's longer, no disputing that.  And the good news is that I ran faster on the longer version of the course!

Also, doing some more post-race analysis, using the McMillan Calculator, a 52:34 should get me a 2:27:14 marathon.  I've run 2:27:33.  Pretty close, but I've underachieved then by just a bit...  It says I should run a 1:09:49 half.  I've run 1:09:22.  Again, pretty close, but I've run faster by just a little bit.  It says I should run a 25:02 5M.  I've run 25:22 on a slow course this year.  Pretty close.  It says I should run 31:22 for 10K.  I've only run 31:53 so far since coming back. I'd like to dip down a little on this one.  The rest are pretty close, so this McMillan guy kinda knows what he's talkin' about I'd say.

Next up, if my plantar doesn't wreak major havoc this week, is Cigna on Thursday night.

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