Friday, August 12, 2011

Training 08-08 - 08-14

08-13 - Saturday: 10 miles - Amherst, NH - roads.  Warmup with Tim Pipp before Crisman 5k.  We did an extended version of the course + strides (26:00)... Then race: Crisman Memorial 5k - 1st OA - 15:20 (course) + cool down with Tim and Jason Dedonato (22:00).  Feet hurt on the warmup and a little at the outset of the race but loosened up a bit as the race went on.  The course was run in reverse this year, but over the exact same course (it's essentially one big loop).  The mile splits were crazy.  4:41 for the first mile with Tim Pipp hammering (first 300 meters of the race are on the track).  He passed me just before the first mile and dropped the hammer on an already quick pace.  The mile marker, because we were going in reverse, was most likely a little off.  We went through the mile and I knew were were going pretty quick (felt a lot faster than Cigna).  We backed off a little, but I felt way better than 2 nights ago.  The second mile was 4:58 and I was in the lead at that point.  Third mile was 5:08 (14:48 3-mile split) and that could have been a little long... not sure because they had to reverse the course...but the third mile split is back on the track, and my last .1 was a blazing 31.  I was happy to throw down a faster effort than at Cigna, but then again this course is one of the fastest 5ks there is.  There are virtually no hills...there is one slight incline during the first come down it at the the effort was better time-wise, but Cigna was slightly more difficult w/ the hills.  I felt a heck of a lot better though.

08-12 - Friday: 5 miles - N.Salem NH w/ DQ from Mobile Station up Spickett Hill and back down + some neighborhoods.  Easy does it on my feet...pretty tight and painful but not as bad as I thought they'd be after racing. [36:15].

08-11 - Thursday: 8.1 miles - Manchester, NH - 3 mile w/ up w/ MQ, Pete Mallett, MacKenzie Kilpatrick + Cigna 5k.  13th OA with a very disappointing 15:25.  Just didn't have it.  Normally I'd be completely happy (heck, elated) with a 15:25...but not on this course...not on this day.  Cigna is an opportunity to run your ass off and run fast.  Not this year though... I went from a 15:12 in 2009 to a 15:08 in 2010, but then up in the wrong direction this year... Feet have been killing me all week.  I'm pretty much out of being able to run fast with this plantar fascia trouble.  I have a couple of bad blisters from the run on Sunday and my feet have just been horrible.  I knew it would sink me in the race and almost stayed home but decided at the last minute to go up and race.  Unfortunately what I thought would happen, did.  I just felt flat and slow.  My right foot was bad and I didn't want to land on it.  Left foot was OK after a mile or so.  4:54 / 4:55 / 5:02 / :34.  Not exactly what I was looking for and 17 seconds slower than last year, but not completely horrible.  My fitness is OK and that kept me in the game...but the rest of me is falling apart.  2 mile cooldown w/ MQ in the graveyard.  Props once again to the Freeman who dropped a 14:43 like it was hot.

08-10 - Wednesday:  8.1 miles - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill [53:15].  Feet took forever to loosen up.  Not the greatest of runs physically.  Just feel beat up.

08-09 - Tuesday: 9 miles - Andover, Lawrence, MA.  2+ miles with the brothers-Healey on the roads from the track, then 2x 15 minutes at tempo pace (not sure what pace it was, but it seemed pretty steady) with a couple min. in between + roads back to track after.  [60:01]. Feet pretty much garbage once again.  This came earlier than last year.  Not good w/ 50K coming up (as if not being prepared for it wasn't bad enough).

08-08 - Monday: 0FF.  My feet are KILLING me.  Absolutely miserable to walk right now.


  1. Hi Jim,
    I introduced myself to you by the stage last night at the race. Sorry your having problems with your pf. I started having problems with mine back in 1994 and ended up crawling on my hands and knees the morning after the NH state police speedway 5k that year. So I know what the pain feels like. These days I'm having hamstring problems, so it's always something with us runners.
    As for the race. I know it sucks to have a "bad" race, but just think about the great race you had at Newburyport and what a great year your having overall.
    Btw, because of the the race description you gave in last years race report, I knew exactly how to run the course and had a pr(since I started running again). Only a 6:53 pace but for an old formerly fat guy like me, I'll take it. So thanks!


  2. Mark, thanks for chatting last night. Great to meet you! PF issues are's year 2 for me with this...around this time each's strange. I think it may be due to a couple of factors but not sure...We'll see how it goes in the next couple weeks.

    Great job on the PR! I love that race...just too bad I wasn't ready for it last night. Glad you gave it a go! Keep it up.