Saturday, August 6, 2011

Training 08-01 - 08-07

Wrap Up: 81 miles for the week with 2 good races (3 in the last 8 days).  A PR at the Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler in Newburyport, MA (which could have been long actually) and a CR (again) at Dam Trail 10.5-ish miler in Oxford, MA on Saturday (and a 4 minute win).  Then, a really fun (and wet) run up in the Whites again w/ KT and 4 more official NH 4000'ers crossed off the list.  Unfortunately though, I have had my plantar issues come back in full and it's really making things difficult right now.  I've been icing and massaging and stretching but it's getting worse again...same thing happened last year but a little later in the summer.  I also got a few new blisters on my feet from the run on Sunday so right now I'm hobbling around a little.  I tentatively have Cigna on Thursday night up in Manchester  and I'd like to try to run quick there before I head out to the Netherlands next weekend.  Hopefully these feet will keep in check.

08-07 - Sunday: 18 miles (trails/mountains) - Albany, Sandwich, Waterville Valley, NH w/ Kevin Tilton.  Ran up and and bagged Passaconaway, Whiteface, Middle Tripyramid, and North Tripyramid.  [4:10:01].  Started in Ferncroft and headed up Dicey's Mill Trail after we spotted a car over at the Livermore Trailhead and headed over to Ferncroft via Sandwich Notch Rd.  18 miles 1 way, hitting the above 4000'ers plus the Sleepers.

08-06 - Saturday: 16 miles (trails) - warmup before Dam Trail Race - Oxford, MA with John Pajer, Jim Pawlicki, and a couple others + Race: Dam Trail Race - 10.5 mile trail race - 1st OA - [1:04:31] + 2.5 mile cooldown with Ross Krause, John Pajer, Jim Pawlicki, and Ashley Krause.

08-05 - Friday: 7.8 miles (roads) with Dave Quintal in N.Salem, Atkinson, NH. [56:40]. Nice and easy loop up by Captain Pond, into Atkinson, and back.

08-04 - Thursday: 10 miles (trails) in Winni with Alliette and the same Methuen/UML crew.  [1:09:29] 10 according to Kevin's Garmin. Feeling better tonight than yesterday for sure.  My record still stands up at Loudon, where 16:41 won it last night.  Also, message to Rob better be running Cigna next week.  HUGE PR for you there if you go...low 15 possibility.  I hope to see a lot of the usual suspects there a week from tonight...Still trying to make up my mind about this weekend's race....when and where....ramble over.

08-03 - Wednesday: 7.2 miles (roads) very easy in Salem, Methuen.  Emery Bickford snuck up behind me at about 4 miles and ran with me for a bit.  I was going super easy.  I felt pretty beat up today and it took a while to get going.  Legs were stiff and feet are sore.  Getting my plantar flareups again. It's been coming on for a while now..same thing every year about this time. [49:59]

08-02 - Tuesday: 14 miles: Newburyport, MA (roads).  3 mile w/up with strides before Yankee Homecoming + race: 10 Miler - 52:34 - 2nd OA + 1 mile cooldown (8:00).  Great race for me. Very patient at the beginning, strong in the middle, and fearless at the end (for once).  Justin Freeman is boss.  What a year that bloke is having so hat off to him for being the class of the field today but I am very pleased w/ my own effort.  I was 5th - 6th for most of the race and made moves over the last 3 miles to finally move into 2nd with less than a half mile to go.  Good times.

08-01 - Monday: 8 miles: Maudslay trails in Newburyport, MA w/ Alliette and UML/Methuen crew (9 strong).  Shortest run w/ that crew so far.  I didn't want to push too much with Yankee Homecoming on Tuesday. [57:38]


  1. Man, nice job last night. Wish I had stuck around town to watch.

  2. nice race, esp the last 3 miles!