Monday, July 25, 2011

Training 07-25 - 07-31

Wrap Up: 74.1 miles on the week with a couple of good trail runs, a good track workout, a light spin,  and a solid race at Carver.  Moving in the right direction (or at least not going in the wrong one)...

07-31 - Sunday: 18 miles total:  am: 13.5 (roads and trails) - N.Salem, Derry, NH w/ Dave Quintal from his house.  Roads, through the woods around Gordon's Hill and back down to roads around Arlington Mills Reservoir and then up into Derry and back. Hot but nice easy miles.  Opted out of York Days 5k today and hence the Seacoast Series.  I won't be able to make Saunders due to travelling to the 50K, I won't be able to make Fox Point due to a wedding, and Great Bay 5k is the day before Cape basically doing York would have been all for not, as I can't do 6 total races in the series this year.  It's a shame too because I was (and still am officially) winning the series...but it looks like now I will be giving up the series to either Nick Crowell or Rob Levey, who tore up the York course today anyways.  I am going to save a little for Newburyport this Tuesday and I think it was the right decision.
pm: 4.5 miles (trails) w/ Kevin Alliette at Winni in Haverhill.

07-30 - Saturday: 11.5 miles (roads) - 3.5 w/up with strides w/ CMS crew before Carver 5 Miler in Carver, MA + 5 mile race (25:36) - 7th OA + 3 mile c/dwn with Newbould, Ortiz, Narcisi.

07-29 - Friday: 7.2 miles (roads) - easy run in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill.  Drizzled a bit and a little humid.  Just an easy day before a weekend full o' racing.  [47:56].  Past couple of road runs breaking in the Inov-8 155s which I will test drive this weekend/week on the roads of Carver, York, and Newburyport.

07-28 - Thursday: 10 miles (trails) - Winni trails in Haverhill with Kevin Alliette, Jose Ortiz, Danny Wang and about 6 other UML / Methuen guys.  Good crew again...kept the run under control.  [1:10:59].

Kevin and I then went for a spin back in Salem.  11 miles (more for him as he rode to my house) around Salem and a little bit of Methuen.  We went up Stanwood to the top of Spicket Hill...good views of the Wapack range just after sunset... got back just in time as it was just about completely dark when I pulled in my yard.  Kevin has one of the most explosive surges on flat roads I have ever seen.  He does have to work on his climbing though.

07-27 - Wednesday: 8.1 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo).  Easy run late in the day.  Recovering from the last few days.  Feet are starting to bother me in the mornings again (like last year)...otherwise I  feel OK. [54:21].

07-26 - Tuesday: 9.25 miles (track workout) - 2 mile warmup then 2mile in 10:32 + 800m jog rest + 1mile in 4:47 + 400m jog rest + 800m in 2:28 + 400m jog rest + 800m in 2:24 + 2.25m cooldown.  This was Sully's workout and Dave Quintal and Chris Healey joined us.  Good crew.  Legs held up well.

07-25 - Monday: 10 miles (trails) - Maudslay trails in Newburyport w/ Kevin Alliette (WHIRL), Angus MacDonald (UML), Steven Fitzsimmons (UML), Tyler Sullivan (UML), Ben Pare (BC) and a few other guys (I think 10 total)...good crew.  Legs felt pretty stiff at first (hips).  Things got better as the run progressed.  Poured the entire time.  [1:12:24].

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