Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training 07-18 - 07-24

Wrap Up: 71.2 miles on 6 days. No racing, a couple of decent local trail runs, a good track workout, two well needed short/easy days (one off day), and an awesome long run including some peak bagging in the Whites.  Good times.

07-24 - Sunday: 27 miles (trails and mountains) - Lincoln, Franconia, NH with Kevin Tilton.  From Lincoln Woods in what we called the 'Semi-Pemi Loop'.  Bagging 5 official 4000'ers [Bondcliff (4265 ft), Mt. Bond (4698 ft), West Bond (4540 ft), South Twin (4902 ft) and Galehead (4024 ft)].  We also run up and over Mt. Guyot (4580ft) but it is not an official 4000'er.   We started at Lincoln Woods and run up the Lincoln Woods Tr, Wilderness Tr, and Bondcliff Tr to get up to the Bonds and Guyot. Then we cut west on Twinway to South Twin and the Galehead Hut. Then we hopped on Frost Tr to get up to Galehead.  Then back down on the Franconia Brook Tr down past 13 Falls and down between Owl's Head and the Bonds to the intersection of the Lincoln Woods/Wilderness trails and back out. I had 5:35:36 on my watch of actual running time.  Kevin's Garmin elapsed 7:24:03 of actual time including the stop at the hut for food and refilling, natural breaks, and photos/video stops on the summits.  Kevin's Garmin cut us short at 25 miles due to the nature of most of the run being completely in the deep woods, but the actual distance is 27.  It felt like 28 ;).

Elevation Gain (approx): 5326 ft.
Shoes: Inov-8 Roclite 285.

07-23 - Saturday: Off.  Martha's Vineyard for the day.  Long day and literally hours in the ocean, which has never happened.

07-22 - Friday: 6 miles (roads) - Easy road run late in the day - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo). [40:57]

07-21 - Thursday: 13 miles (trails) - Haverhill, MA (Winni trails) with Kevin Alliette, Jose Ortiz, and the same UML/Methuen crew + a bit with Chris Mahoney-Searles and another Stonehill guy.  I'm bad with names, but a good 8 or so guys again.  [1:30:00].  Good training lately with these guys.  Felt good despite the heat (90+ degrees with little comfort even in the shade).  Stopped halfway to watch the Sapienza race go by.  I wanted to race it but it was bloody hot and my hammies were tight this week so I decided to pass on it (even though it's the last year of the race).  Nate Jenkins looked in control and motored by all by himself in the lead (as he did last year).  He commented about all of us standing there watching and asked why we weren't running the race as he passed us.  We should have... I ran the race a couple times and it's a good time and for a good cause (and a good memorial to Mr. Tony Sapienza).  Dan Verrington motored by comfortably in second and looked like he was flying!  He looked like he was going faster than Nate when he passed us.  Heather Mahoney-Searles went by us in 7th OA and held her ground, winning the women's race by over a minute.  Kevin picked up a garden hose from a house on the course and started pelting runners in the grill as they ran was hilarious.

07-20 - Wednesday: 5 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen. Solo.  Hamstrings were killing me all night and all day today.  Really sore and tight.  I almost bagged today and tried to get numerous folks to run with me to get me out the door... decided at about 7pm to go out and just do a shakeout.  I almost had to turn around less than a half mile in...but it got better and I just went very easy (almost a jog).  Glad I did it though...but still very sore from Sun-Tues.  [35:45].

07-19 - Tuesday: 9 miles (track) - Lawrence Voc. track.  Once again doing Sully's workout for the marathon.  3 mile warmup into 5 mile tempo run on the track then immediate mile cooldown on the track. Sully wanted to try to hit 5:35-5:40s.  We started out on pace (for the first lap ;) ) and got a bit faster.  After 5 laps, Jon and Chris Healey jumped in for the rest.  We all took turns leading for 2 laps at a time.

400 splits: 85/81/80/82/84/82/81/81/83/83/82/83/83/84/81/84/86/82/81/81 [27:39 / 5:31 pace]
Miles:  5:29 / 5:29 / 5:31 / 5:31 / 5:32 / 5:30

** the 86 was after I did 2 laps where I led an 81, dropped the rest of the guys back a bit, and slowed way up through the 84 to wait for Jon who was to lead the next two laps. The 86 was on my watch because I slowed up to let them pass as I crossed the line and waited, but the actual pace of the group was more even through those laps.

Goal was accomplished plus a little bit.  Sully was very happy to have been able to do this workout after last week, where he couldn't even finish the 5x1 mile at the same pace with a rest in between.  It was way hotter out on the track last week and that made all the difference.  I thought his goal of 5:35-5:40 was aggressive for him today, but he proved me wrong.  It helped having the Healey brothers jump in.  Both led solid laps.  I felt great on this workout and didn't feel like I was working at all.  Weird considering I wasn't too much faster at Stowe!  The hamstring (left) went haywire right after I finished.  I did a mile in 7:36 as a cooldown in the outside lane immediately after the workout and it was painful near the end.  Too much in the last 3 days.  I will be crawling tomorrow.

Throwback: Lynn Woods Relay Scholastic Champs - 1994
L-R: Sully, JJ, Al Nunnally, Matt Lyons.

07-18 - Monday: 11.2 miles (trails) in Maudslay from Coach Fuller's house in Newburyport, MA.  Ran w/ Alliette and 8 other UML and Methuen H.S. guys. My legs initially felt like trash.  Calves were tight, hips were tight, feet hurt...that's what I get for a slightly-slower-than-half-marathon-paced run on Sunday for 8 miles. Eveything loosened up after a while.  Kevin pushed the pace.  [1:13:38].

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