Monday, July 18, 2011

Training 07-11 - 07-17

Wrap Up: 64.2 miles for the week whilst missing a day due to a packed weekend schedule. I think I needed a little downtime and I don't think the one day affected anything.  Some good trail running, a little track work, and  1 'OK' race on Sunday.  It could have been a lot worse and we got 2nd as a team (behind BAA) which was about the best we could have expected to do so I'm happy as we still have a commanding lead in the overall GP standings with only 2 races left.  Really happy that my teammates stepped it up and ran solid races collectively.  This week I need to push up the miles a little bit.  It is supposed to be hot, so we'll see.

Special thanks this week to the Tilton's for putting up with me on Saturday night and then for Kevin specifically, for driving me to and from Stowe.  I was glad to finally get back home (believe it or not) on Sunday night after what seemed like days of driving.

07-17 - Sunday: 14 miles (roads) - Stowe, VT - warmup with large CMS group then race: Stowe 8 Miler - 15th OA [42:57] + cooldown with Ferenc, Boj, then solo after chilling in the river w/ the mates.  Race was HOT and potentially a bit long.  Slow times from top to bottom as most people ran slower than their actual half-marathon pace.  I was relatively pleased w/ the race (compared to last year) but still think I should have been 5 or so places better than I was.  Good news is that nobody except for Tim Pipp passed me after about 1.5 miles into the race.  I started out slow and just kept passing people until the end. I passed Tim at 6 miles and he got me back by 7 and we just rolled in after that.

07-16 - Saturday: Off - Had wedding in Booth Bay Harbor, ME and then up to N.Conway after.  5:30 hours of driving and the rest of the day sitting in the sun.

07-15 - Friday: 7 miles (trails/road) - Gordon's hill trails with DQ from his house in N.Salem/Windham, NH. [53:00].

07-14 - Thursday: 13 miles (trails/mountains) - with Kevin Tilton in Freedom, Madison, NH.  1500+ ft of elevation gain [1:45:49].

07-13 - Wednesday: 9 miles (roads) - easy does it.  Salem roads w/ DQ from Mobile station.  Up Spickett and down, around neighborhoods and into Haverhill and Methuen before looping back on 97. [1:05:15].  Heel was bothering me a bit early (as it was yesterday on the warmup and cooldown). Stowe in 4 days...then I can shave!

07-12 - Tuesday: 11 miles (trails and track) - 3 mile warmup with Sully on river trails from track.  Then 4x 1 mile with 400 jog in between each.  This was Sully's marathon workout and he wanted to go for goal marathon pace which is 5:40 for him.  It was brutally hot on the track and we started off fine, hitting 5:36 for the first mile (I led).  400 jog, then into the second mile which I dragged sully into another 5:36.  He was about 4 seconds back on each so he was sitting right at 5:40s.  The third one was catching up to him.  I went through in 5:30 and he was around 6:13 or so.  He had to dog the 400 jog and just drink water and catch his breath.  He hung with me on the first lap of the last mile but bailed at the 400 mark and I continued on to a 5:15 with a 65 last lap.  Went 5:36/5:36/5:30/5:15 in about 93 degree heat.  Not a bad workout for before Stowe (especially after being in the mountains for the last few weeks and not running 'fast' in a while).  Sully hung tough but it was just too damn hot.  Cooled down one lap + 3 more miles on the trails (solo).  11 total.  [1:09:54].

07-11 - Monday: 10.1 miles (trails) - Maudslay trails in Newburyport, MA with Kevin Alliette and some Methuen/UML guys.  Kevin's Garmin data [1:10:12].  Legs feel good despite running down the mountain after Ascutney yesterday.

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