Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Training 07-04 - 07-10

Wrap Up: 79.4 miles for the week by my estimates. Decent week with a long day right out of the gate, then an easy day followed by a few days of decent running including a solid trail run on Thursday, a nice hilly road run on Friday and another easy day on Saturday leading into the last race in the mountain series at Ascutney in VT.  Got a good win, showed restraint in not going to wh*re the Balloon Fest race on Friday and not doubling up on Ascutney.  I am now 1 race behind last year's schedule, but I'd rather run better quality races than just a lot of 'ok' races and try to keep running more and more total races than the year before.  This coming week will be a continuation of this past week with maybe a long day on Wednesday or Thursday, a potential workout before that on Tuesday of some magnitude, and then Stowe this coming Sunday.  Then I can SHAVE! :)

07-10 - Sunday: 11 miles (mountain/roads) - Windsor, VT - 2 + mile w/up with Tomahiro Brown and Patrick Ard and then race: Ascutney Mountain (3.7 miles ascent only) - 1st OA - 30:08 + .75 mile up to summit (trails) with Tim Mahoney, T.Brown, and crew. .75 miles back down.  Then 3.7 miles back down Ascutney after awards with large contingent of CMS and Goon Squad runners.

07-09 - Saturday: 5 miles (rail trail) - Cotton Valley rail trail out of Wolfeboro, NH (solo).  Let Kristin shop as I hit the rail trail for a light 5 miler along the beautiful rail trail that cuts along the Winnipesaukee inlet out of Wolfeboro (Back Bay), past Crescent Lake, and then along Lake Wentworth.  Didn't want to do too much as I have Ascutney tomorrow in Vermont.  I just decided to do a quick out and back but I really do want to get back up here and bring the bikes so Kristin can see the trails.  I'd like to get up here and try to go from Sanbornville to Wolfeboro and back.  Sanbornville is a village in Wakefield, where my parents live.  It would be a great ride for sure.   Great short run today though... lost of runners and bikers out, lots of people swimming and along the beaches, bbq-ing, etc.  It was pretty warm out, but surprisingly there were zero bugs.  No horse flies to speak of (even in the woods).  I was shocked.  I pulled 2 ticks off me yesterday after running ON THE ROADS...but today, nothing.  I jumped in Back Bay when I got back to cool off.  The water was awesome. Just a beautiful day up there on the lake in general.  There was a fair/festival of some sort there which made it slow going getting into town, and the municipal parking area was almost full.  I've never seen it that busy, but it looks like everyone decided to hit up the big lake this weekend.  We did the typical walking around, getting lunch at Garwoods, and we chilled by the docks for a while, while the band setup for a late afternoon gig.  Good times.  Oh yeah, I also 'bagged' Wolfeboro for the first time.  Again, like Ossipee, I've been in Wolfeboro for years.  Every summer as a kid...never once ran there.  Unbelievable, but true.  [33:33]

07-08 - Friday: 13 miles (roads/dirt roads) - Ossipee, Tuftonboro, NH with Kevin Tilton from the Carroll County Courthouse on 171.  Almost 1200 feet of climbing in the 9.7 loop I did with Kevin (after running 3.3 solo around the area while waiting for him to get there). [1:31:17].  The second mile was entirely up hill and it was steep!  From 4 to 5.5 was almost entirely uphill and from just past 7 miles to almost 9 miles was a steady grind.  Take a look at the Garmin data and scroll down to the elevation.  Bagged another couple NH towns I didn't have before.  After literally being in, around, and through Ossipee (as well as having relatives living there), I had never actuall 'run' there before as far as I can remember.

07-07 - Thursday: 12 miles (trails) - Haverhill - Loops in Winni trails with Kevin Alliette, Emory Bickford, and 4-5 Methuen guys. 12 miles on Kevin's Garmin.  First 5 with mostly everyone.  Next 2 with Kevin and a couple Methuen guys.  Last 5 with just Kevin.  They were dropping like flies out there.  [1:21:04]

07-06 - Wednesday: 8.2 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo).  Another regular, uneventful run but it had to be done.  As Bob Wiles said, it was 'hotter than t*ts on a bull'. [52:50]

07-05 - Tuesday: 6.2 miles - Methuen (trails and roads) - easy recovery run with (believe it or not) Mike Quintal.  Ran in trails around the hospital from the high school and then over to the Tenney Estate Park, around there, back to the trails around the hospital and some around the high school grounds.  [48:40].

07-04 - Monday: 24 miles - Wakefield NH, Acton, ME, Shapleigh, ME.  From my parents house, up Acton Ridge Rd and then up/down the entire H Road into Shapleigh and over to Square Pond to my brother's house.  12 miles each way and very hilly back country road.  Very hot out (over 80 when I started) and very little shade.  Tough run.  Iced the legs off after in the lake.   4 minutes faster on the way back. [2:47:21]


  1. You're crazy man. I got my run out of the way by 8am and thought it was hot and humid then ...

  2. yeah, I was out the door just before 7 and it was HOT out already...the sun was killer on the way out and even worse on the way back... I put all the weight I lost back on at the bbq later on though :)....

  3. Jim,
    Awesome picture as your banner...very cool.

  4. I actually questioned if it was even the same person. I'm not a stalker but I check your shit for inspiration sometimes. THIS picture is how you should look/be always!!

    -Muddy Puddin'