Sunday, July 31, 2011

Semi-Pemi Loop Video and Photos

Late getting this posted because of a couple of issues with one of the video clips (you'll notice the last bit where we are in the river is much lower quality)... long story, but it took me a week to get this thing up on Youtube.

Semi-Pemi Loop with Kevin Tilton - 7/24/2011 - Lincoln, Franconia NH - Climbing up Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond, Guyot, South Twin, and Galehead.

Watch in HD!!!

iPhone photos on Smugmug CLICK HERE.


  1. Great views and commentary. Makes me want to grab my pack and head north!

  2. I'm planning on trying the pemi loop this summer. Besides at the gh hut, where else did you refill water? Streams? If so, did you carry some sort of water purification? One other question: how did you guys modify the loop from the traditnal pemi loop? Cheers and thanks! Your post is awesome.