Sunday, July 3, 2011

Training 06-27 - 07-03

Wrap Up: 72.5 miles for the week with 2 races.  One 5k win and one more mountain race down, with my weakest race in the series by far.  Got invited to the World Trophy 50k race in the Netherlands and booked my trip this week with the infamous Ferenc.  Should be interesting.  This week I am on vacation and am looking to get in some decent runs, starting up north in the Whites.

07-03 - Sunday: 12 miles (mountains) - Lincoln, NH - 3+ mile w/up with Tom Brown + strides and staying loose then race: Loon Mountain - 4th OA 49:01-ish.  Stunk up the joint but ran probably decent in reality...just got outgunned (or outwalked technically) on the Upper Walking Boss by my mates.  I ran 48:25 two years ago when I won this race.  I was only about 35-36 seconds slower today, but Ross Krause, Brandon Newbould, and Todd Callaghan ran slightly better and out 'bossed' me.  Solid race though.  Solid finish to the week. Cooldown with a slew of people down the mountain (3 miles).

07-02 - Saturday: 6 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen - solo.  Easy running between races.  Nice and easy on the roads from home [42:30].  Loon tomorrow.  If this song isn't continuously in your head, it will be now...

07-01 - Friday: 11 miles (roads and rail trail) - Salisbury, MA.  Warmup 4+ miles including an out and back on rail trail course with Verrington, Spinney, and Huppe - plus strides and some earlier running before I got to the Circle + race: Pat Polletta 5k - 1st OA - 15:39 + course again as a cooldown with P. Larosa, Verrington, and Huppe.

06-30 - Thursday: 12 miles (trails) - Maudslay in Newburyport with Kevin Alliette, Emory Bickford, Jared Reddy, Corey Hamel, and 2 or 3 other dudes from Methuen.  12 miles (Kevin's Garmin) on the nose...could have been a little longer as we were in the woods most of the time and we weren't going slow. Good solid run.  [1:24:13]

06-29 - Wednesday: 8 miles (roads) - Spicket Hill run and up to water tower at Foster Corners - Salem, NH w/ Dave Quintal. Almost got run over by a fat, drunk hillbilly backing out of the driveway of his trailer.  After he almost caused a massive accident with oncoming traffic and drove away, I proceeded to get into a shouting match with his drunk cousin who was watching in the driveway.  After yelling at him, I felt much better about myself and we ran back up Spicket Hill and finished the run.   I love this area. [60:14].

06-28 - Tuesday: 11 miles (trails) - Andover trails from track.  First 21 minutes solo and some light running with folks on the track before the GTD workout, then next 59 minutes with Jon Healey on the river trail. [1:20:00].  Hamstring still super tight but getting better.  Feeling pretty good.

06-27 - Monday: 12.5 miles (trails) - Andover trails with Ben Nephew - river from hotel up to radio towers on Wood Hill and back down. [1:30:17]  Had to mix up the loop a little over by the towers because there was activity at the top. Right hamstring is junk from Cranmore yesterday (and the additional loop afterwards as a cooldown).  I am pretty sore but it felt good to get out there and just keep pluggin'.  I am shocked I can even just walk today, given how my body has been the day after Cranmore for the first 3 years I've run it.  This year due to the change in course, it's not quite as bad on the quads and body in general.  Race report to come.


  1. I still can't believe that I didn't utter even a syllable during that incident. Must be a sign of my maturity or maybe that I was nervous about the climb lurking ahead. FYI it was a cape style house not a trailer.

  2. I trailer sounded better though ;).

  3. It does sound better but it's better to be factually accurate. Which means the true distance was 7.5 miles and I wS slowing you down.

  4. Jim, this is wild because I think I know exactly the drunk hillbilly you're talking about. Did this happen with redneck scum at the way bottom of Spickett Hill (the road side)? If so, I know exactly the douche and his idiot friend/brother/lover too. A few weeks ago, after we got talking about the hill, I went up there for a few repeats and although there were no run-ins, it was obvious that I wasn't exactly welcome... or that his friend had something for my white pasty legs in split shorts.