Monday, June 13, 2011

Training 06-13 to 06-19

Team Inov-8 men at the 2011 Mount Washington Road Race in New Hampshire - June 18, 2011.
L-R: Tommy Manning (CO), Kevin Tilton (NH), Ryan Woods (NC), Ben Nephew (MA), Peter Maksimow (CO), Jim Johnson (NH).

Wrap Up: 73.9 miles for the week with a descent track workout and one good race up Mt. Washington and a new hill PR of 1:07:22 ...good enough for 12th OA and another CMS team win.  Felt good at the start, horrible in the middle, and fantastic late....write up to come (along with Market Square).  Feeling pretty strong right now but definitely reeling from running back down the mountain after the race.  Everything hurts right now... I need to take it easy over the next couple days and recover in time for Cranmore this weekend, which is the US Championships once again for Mountain Running.   

06-19 - Sunday: 7 miles (dirt roads) - easy recovery run in the Experimental Forest in Bartlett, NH off of Bear Notch Rd. with Francis Burdett, Kevin Tilton, Dave Dunham, Dan Verrington. [1:00:22]

06-18 - Saturday: 18.2 miles (trails and a mountain) - 3ish mile warmup with large CMS group and some others, at the base of Mt. Washington, around Great Glen Trails in the rain... Then race: 51st Mount Washington Road Race - Green's Grant, NH (7.6 miles of ascent only) - 12th place, 1:07:22 (PR by 1:27). Then, 7.6 miles of descent only [51:00] on the way back down (solo).  Legs are trash.

06-17 - Friday: 10 miles (trails and roads) - early AM run before heading up to the White Mountains... Winni trails from Dan Verrington's house w/ DV.  Wiped out hard during the last section of the Merrill Trail portion of the loop around Lake Kenoza.  Landed on my back (square on some knobby roots), scraped the hell out of my elbow and forearm, and scraped up my hip. Dan remained calm, cool, and collected...I was a screaming, crying mess.  [1:11:00]

06-16 - Thursday: 5 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen (solo).  Easy run late in the day. [35:43]

06-15 - Wednesday: 12.2 miles (trails) - River trail 12 from the track plus add-on to the old boathouse bridge and back with Kevin Alliette and Emory Bickford. 12.2 on Kevin's Garmin.

06-14 - Tuesday: 11.5 miles (track workout, roads, trails) - 2 mile w/up with Sully on the roads and then 6 x mile on the track with 400 jog in between.  Sully wanted to run between 5:20-5:30.  I decided to run with him and make sure we hit that range and stayed under 5:30. Felt really good.  No issues.  The only one that felt anywhere near difficult was the last one and I ran pretty even and just wanted to run near 4:50.  Ran 2:25 / 2:23 and felt very strong...not sure how it will translate on 'the hill' but for the roads, I should be hopefully running some faster times this summer.

Mile 1: 5:24 - sully led
Mile 2: 5:13 - I led
Mile 3: 5:23 - sully led
Mile 4: 5:04 - I led
Mile 5: 5:22 - sully led
Mile 6: 4:48 - I led

2 mile cooldown nice and easy on the trails after with Sully.

15:00 + 46:14 + 15:00 = 1:16:14

06-13 - Monday: 10 miles (roads) - Spicket Hill from Mobil station (up and down four times + neighborhoods in Salem). 5 miles solo + 5 miles with DQ.  Meant to go 6 w/ DQ but cut it short by accident.  1:17:09

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