Saturday, June 11, 2011

Training 06-06 to 06-12

06-12 - Sunday: 15 miles (trails).  Andover river trail and Forest Hill Wetlands with Dan Verrington and Andy King.  Talked about Dunham he whole time.

06-11 - Saturday: 13.2 miles (roads).  Warmup in Portsmouth, NH w/ Robert Wiles before MSD 10K + strides.  Then, race: Market Square Day 10K - 31:56 - 3rd OA + cooldown with Nick Crowell up into New Castle, NH and back.

06-10 - Friday: 5 miles (roads). Lunch run (solo) in Salem, Methuen.  The plan was to do 5 at lunch, 8 or so easy after work.  Got back home after the 5 and discovered my washer/dryer essentially burning.  Needless to say I was busy the rest of the day with work and ripping the thing out and into the garage for the trashman.  Now I am in need of a new washer/dryer.  No evening run.  Not what I had planned for at the end of the week by any means.

06-09 - Thursday: Off

06-08 - Wednesday: 10 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen.  My house up to Spickett Hill.  Up Stanhope down Hitching Post to the Mobile station and then back up and down Spickett and back home.  HOT out. [66:52]

06-07 - Tuesday: 11 miles (track workout). 3+ mile warmup in river trail from track with Matt Sullivan.  Then 6 x 800 meters with 400 meter jog in between (continuous). Sully wanted to run 2:30 for the 800s. I tried to tell him that was a bit 'aggressive' but he likes setting the bar high.  He's still coming back into shape, but he wanted to try to kill a good workout so I tagged along.

2:25 - Sully led.
2:22 - I led.
2:26 - Sully led first 400.  It was 77 so I went wide and banged a second lap 69.
2:23 - I led.
2:20 - I led.
2:24 - Sully led first 400 at 74.  I ran a last lap 70.

Sully hung tough and was about 10 seconds back on each one after the first 2:25.  I was pleased to be able to run relatively comfortable and keep it under 2:30s with a continuous lap jog in between.  I think this was a decent workout to run before a 10k this weekend...we'll see.  Ran 3+ more easy miles as a cooldown on the grass in the inside of the track with Sully.  [1:12:20]...oh yeah, it was HOT out there!

06-06 - Monday: 6 miles (trails) - river trail 6 with Dave Dunham.  Nice and easy...recovering from Pack. [44:57]

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  1. Good seeing you on the track last night & chatting, JJ