Friday, May 27, 2011

Training 05-23 to 05-29

Wrap Up: 70.6 miles for the week and 2 good races.  Ran up Mt. Washington with KT on Wednesday after doing a very light track session (with Caroline) on Tuesday.  Then 1 mountain race and 1 5k this weekend.  Good results.  Legs held up amazingly well and I had some turnover and 'game' late in the race on Sunday which was surprising.  Good swag, cash (both days), and fun times this weekend for sure...  This coming week will be more of the same + a longer mountain race on the weekend (Pack).  Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  Congrats to Danny Vassallo for once again winning a major marathon with his run up in VT this weekend in tough conditions.

05-29 - Sunday: 10 miles (roads) - 5k warmup over course at Redhook in Portsmouth, NH with Bob Wiles and Ben Jenkins + strides then race: Redhook Brewery 5k - 2nd OA (15:28) + cooldown over course again with Bob Wiles, Nick Crowell, Ben Jenkins.

05-28 - Saturday: 10.3 miles (mountain, trails, roads) - 3+ mile w/up with large crew up Wachusett Mtn. in Princeton, MA + strides and running down to starting area.  + Race: 4.3 mile mountain race (Wachusett Mountain) - 1st OA - 28:54 + cooldown (roads and backcountry area of Wachusett Mtn) with large group of CMS and others.

05-27 - Friday: 11 miles (roads and trails) - Salem, Pelham, Methuen roads with Kevin Alliette from my house, out to the soccer fields in Methuen off of Hampshire St.  From there, we explored some nice snowmobile trails Kevin found out about from Paul McGovern.  The trails actually are in Salem and Pelham and start right behind the upper soccer field which is right on the state border.   We went up Clark Hill, which is the highest point in those particular woods, just northeast of Methuen Ski Area.   I've run past this many many times over the past few years and never knew they were there.  I knew that the snowmobilers rip down off the old ski area and across the road and across the swamp off of Hampshire St. but I never knew how many trails were back up in those woods on the other side of the swamp.  We ran in there for quite a while and there were many other trails we didn't have time to go down.... good run...HOT out. [1:17:59].

05-26 - Thursday: 5 miles (trails) - Windham Town Forest - nice and easy...warm and muggy.  Legs were a little heavy and wanted to go easy and light...explored the same wide snowmobile trails as before.  [35:11] solo.

05-25 - Wednesday: 15.2 miles (mountain).  Mount Washington Auto Road - Green's Grant NH, Pinkham's Grant NH, Thompson & Meserve's Purchase NH, Sargent's Purchase NH, up and down with Kevin Tilton.  Started at the starting line (the post holes for the starting banner) and ran up to the finish line. 7.6 miles ascent at 11% grade average.  No stopping, no walking, no whining...OK, well maybe a little whining...  Conversation pace (barely).  Kevin and I talked the entire time but towards the end it was a lot of huffing and puffing, mixed in with very short sentences.  Ran 1:11:45 up, which was way faster than I thought we were going to run. We decided at the beginning to just do a tempo effort and do it to 'just do it'...but you quickly learn that you can only run Mt. Washington so slow (and so fast).  The good news out of this is that I set out to essentially run this steady and just finish as a training run and I ended up running a sub 1:12 feeling great.  I really never was in danger of stopping, walking, etc.  This is a really good sign I think for the race in 4 weeks!

We ended up running down, which always hurts.  It's only my second time running down after running up (did it last year after the race).  It HURTS.  Running downhill for 7.6 miles, at that grade is not easy on ANY part of the body.  We stopped a couple times on the way down to pose for shots such as this (left) against some lingering snow, that will most likely be gone by race day...but some of the snowfields off in the distance will still most definitely be holding onto some of the white stuff, long enough to spot as you weave your way up the rock pile on June 18th.  I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do when I go out a little more conservatively.  Also, I think seeing the hill a month out definitely helps the psyche a bit as well.  It's not going to be quite as intimidating on race day (hopefully)...


6:02 (for last .7)

Interestingly enough, here is a graphic of my fastest mile splits in 3 years of racing vs the training run yesterday:

2nd Fastest

Mile Training Run - May 2011 2010 Race 2009 Race 2008 Race
1 8:02 6:46 6:49 6:52
2 9:20 8:26 8:39 8:32
3 9:35 8:59 9:07 9:04
4 9:28 9:12 9:20 9:23
5 9:57 9:52 10:16 10:06
6 9:46 9:38 9:58 9:52
7 9:32 9:48 10:08 9:58
last .6 6:02 6:04 6:00 6:14
Total 1:11:45 1:08:49 1:10:21 1:10:06

Moral of the story is that it may pay to go out a little slower at first...

Photos from the trip can be seen here.

Some video below of the summit and some of the way down (above tree line).

05-24 - Tuesday: 11 miles (track, roads, trails).  Lawrence Voc.  Track workout w/ Caroline Bjune and Chris Healey. Caroline's workout (her last before Vermont City Marathon this weekend).  Nice and easy 2x1000 + Mile + 2x1000.  400 lap jog in between each. 1000s were around 80 sec. pace, mile was 5:55.  Tempo effort (or slightly slower) but felt good just piggybacking off of her workout and getting a little turnover.  No warmup at all.  Got there just as they were starting.  Cooled down back to her house on the roads and then added on in the river trail with Chris Healey for 5+ miles.  Hot out there!

05-23 - Monday: 8.1 miles (roads).  N.Salem, Derry, Windham w/ Dave Quintal (ULowell All American XC) from his house, out to 28 via back roads and back...just beat the rain.  Nice and easy. [1:00:00].

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