Friday, May 13, 2011

Training 05-09 to 05-15

Wrap Up: 74.9 miles for the week.  1 mountain / trail run up north w/ Tilton and a light track workout w/ DQ.  Then, 2 really good races.  6k road PR over my old high school course (well, some of it) and a repeat win down in CT at Soapstone, where I ran 2-3 minutes faster than last year and my fastest time there over 3 tries.  I'm trying to find time to type up some race recaps...hopefully soon.

05-15 - Sunday: 17+ miles (trails) - Stafford Springs, CT.  3+ mile warmup over trails and dirt roads + race: Soapstone Mountain 24k Trail Race - 1st OA 1:36:30 (new CR I think) in the pouring rain.  Very wet, very muddy.

05-14 - Saturday: 10 miles (roads and trails) Wakefield, Saugus, MA. 3 mile warmup + strides with Nate Jenkins and Melissa Donais in Breakheart Reservation, then race: 6k - Breakheart Classic - rolly (not the 'flat and fast' they actually advertise) course, but not the old school course which was a bruiser.  This course went the 'flatter' of the two routes, but did have some good climbs.  It's been this version of the course for a bunch of years now. I last ran this in 1997 and also ran it in 1995... both times when it was the much slower version. I hammered this race today and PR'd (officially) in the 6k with an 18:35 (5:00 pace) on a slow and challenging course (screwing up and having to stop and turn and get back on course at the turn around).  My effort was far better than last week in Nashua, so I'm very pleased...but I got smoked by a senior from Brandeis who went by me right at two miles and never looked back... I ran super fast and raced relatively smart (just beating Matt Carter, who's won the race a couple times previously)...nothing I could have done better.... won $100 for second place...not bad.  Both 6k writeups to come....  3 or so miles with Zack Schwartz (race winner) after the race up in Breakheart trails.

05-13 - Friday: 9.6 miles (roads) Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo).  Went through the regular motions today but decided to call it just shy of 10, as I may be doing a couple of races this weekend (one of them long), so I didn't want to overdo it today...especially after back to back races last weekend, a mountain run on Monday, and some light track work on Tuesday... Tomorrow's racing may be a gametime decision.  Soapstone on Sunday is the plan...seems like it will be a wet one though.

05-12 - Thursday: 7.3 miles (roads) N.Salem, Derry w/ Dave Quintal from the Quintal Compound. Nice and easy running around near Arlington Mills Pond, hit a small patch of trail, and a lot of quiet neighborhoods.  A much nicer area of Salem than I'm used to.

05-11 - Wednesday: 10 miles (roads) Methuen, Haverhill from Whirlaway with Chris Mahoney. Normal 10 loop (Chris' Garmin) - [1:07:34]. Felt decent. No real issues other than feeling a wee bit tired from the last 4 days...

05-10 - Tuesday: 9 miles (track workout). Salem, NH high school track w/ Dave Quintal. Warmup 19 min on grass and trails near the school (xc course) then 10 x 400 at 77-80 sec. with 200m jog in between (continuous)...alternating each one.  This was DQ's workout and I just tagged along and kept him honest.  My quads and calves were sore from the two races this weekend and the mountain run with KT yesterday...  Felt nice and strong and easy on the quarters...good to shake things out and stay sharp.  Kind of windy out there.  60 minutes of total running.

05-09 - Monday: 11 miles (trails/mountain/roads) - w/ Kevin Tilton up in Effingham, NH.  Trailhead on High Watch Rd. up to the Green Mountain firetower (1907 ft) then back down the other side (old steep jeep road) and out to the main roads that go around the perimeter of Green Mtn and back up to the trailhead.  Very steep climb up to the summit of Green.  760 ft. up to 1907 in 16:06 (over a span of only a mile and a half or so).  Kevin's Garmin Data here (in km and meters).  We climbed up the top of the tower but the cab was locked as it is now only a part-time / high risk-only status tower (since 2009).  The views were still pretty awesome as you could see Ossipee Lake, Province Lake (Wakefield, NH), Mt. Washington (with it's snowy summit), and lots of other Maine and NH vantage points (including a really cool view of part of the 50 mile corridor that the tornado ripped through back in July of 2008)...  My legs were pretty heavy from the weekend's racing and my right heel was killing me on the way up the steep climb up Green.  Tight and heavy legs, quads, calves on the way back on the hilly roads leading back up to High Watch.  [1:26:29]

I took some photos w/ my phone..posted them here.


  1. I love that you posted a photo of me defacing government property with my company logo on.

  2. you mean the one where you are carving your name into that tree?