Monday, April 25, 2011

Training 04-25 to 05-01

Wrap Up: 73.7 miles on 6 days.  1 day off because I've been sick.  Really congested and run down but still managed a decent race at James Joyce.  I think I should have been right about at what Bob Wiles ran if I wasn't under the weather, but I am really pleased that I was able to run steady and as quick as I did...I'm also thrilled that the CMS crew was able to squeak out an overall win in the team competition...I'm really pumped about the way the guys stepped up and took care of business.  It was a really fun day.  I just wish I felt better.  I seem to be getting worse though.  Race report to come.

05-01 - Sunday: 12.2 miles (roads) - Dedham, MA.  3 mile w/up + strides w/ CMS crew over some of the James Joyce course + 10K Race: 32:08 + 3 mile cooldown (roads) w/ CMS crew around neighborhoods in Dedham.

04-30 - Saturday: 7.5 miles (trails and road) - Andover, MA from cemetery w/ Dan Verrington. The 'fake 8' loop. [53:51].

04-29 - Friday: 11 miles (roads) - lunch run (6) solo - Salem, Methuen roads [39:48].  Nice and warm out.  Evening run (5) in N.Salem, Derry w/ Dave Quintal [39:22].  Picked up a road bike today. Still feeling pretty crappy but no worse than the other day.  The weather today (and the fact that it's Friday) made me feel slightly better in the afternoon. Not sure about James Joyce on Sunday...I'll run it...but not sure I'll be 100%.

04-28 - Thursday: off.  Sick as hell.  Felt sick since Tuesday night and got almost no sleep.  Definitely picked up a nasty cold from sick kiddies at our Easter get-together.  Could have gone out, but I was hacking the past 24+ hours, felt horrible, really congested, and throat has been brutal.  Decided to let my body rest up a bit.  Perfect day for it, as the weather was crap.

04-27 - Wednesday: 10 miles (trails) in the river trail from hotel with Chris Mahoney [68:27].  Felt horrible.  Really stiff and sore from the last 2 days.  Also sick.  Spent Sunday around sick kids and family and caught something.

04-26 - Tuesday: 15 miles (track workout) at the Voc in Lawrence, MA.  1 mile w/up on trails (got there late) then jumped in for 6 x 800 meters @ 2:35-2:40 with 200 jog in between - with Merrimack guys.  Slow, but steady.  They are running hard this weekend, so the workout was pretty easy and it was good because they all got to run in one big group and everyone stayed together...I just ran relaxed and got a good tempo effort going... then 3 laps (1200m) solo, waiting for Jon Healey and Caroline Bjune to get ready to run their workout. Then jumped in the workout with Jon and Caroline (who is training for Vermont City).  5 x 400 meters @ 75-76 with 60 sec jog in between + 2000 meters in 7:30 then 400 lap jog + 4 x 400 meters @ 75-76 with 60 sec jog in between + 1600 meters in 5:55 then 400 lap jog + 3 x 400 meters @ 75-76 with 60 sec jog in between + 1200 meters in 4:25 ... they continued on for some additional work and I stopped, as I was already almost 11 miles on the track + 2.25 mile cooldown with Sarah Prescott on the roads. [1:38:39].

04-25 - Monday: 18 miles (trails) - river trail from hotel, out across Forest Hill Wetlands and down to the Haggetts Pond trails, around and back to the radio towers and back down to the river trail again. Continued on and completed the out and back on the river trail.  Added on a few minutes in the parking lot at the hotel to make 18 (on the Garmin).  Ran w/ Kevin Alliette for the whole run and 5 or so miles of it w/ Pimentel.  A tad muddy in spots, but good solid run.  [2:13:01].