Friday, April 22, 2011

Training 04-18 - 04-24

04-24 - Sunday: 9.4 miles (roads and trails) - Haverhill/Bradford w/ Dan Verrington. 1:05:42 for the 'short 10 loop'.

04-23 - Saturday: 6 miles (roads) - solo. Salem, Methuen. Put off running all day and just went out and through the motions. Not motivated much today...turned 34 today as well.  I am old school.  [41:42].

04-22 - Friday: 10 miles (roads) - 3.1 mile w/up w/ Rod Viens, Dan Verrington, Tim Cox before the NHTI Delta Dental 5k in Concord, NH + strides and jogging to get loose + race 5k: 15:18 (2nd OA) + cooldown 3+ with Viens, Verrington, Cox, Ryan Kelly, Danny Ferreira.

04-21 - Thursday: 7 miles (trails) - river trail from hotel. First 4 solo.  3 very easy w/ Matt Pimentel who was still recovering from the marathon. [50:38].

04-20 - Wednesday: 10.3 miles (trails, snow, mud, deep standing water, quicksand, rocks). White Lake State Park and surrounding snowmobile trails in Tamworth, NH w/ Kevin Tilton.   We ran around White Lake from the main parking area on VERY wet and flooded single track.  Then we got up onto some old carriage road / logging road / snowmobile trails that cut up through to rt. 113.  We crossed 113 and kept going for a bit until we got to the Bruce Robinson Company gravel pits of Chinook Trail.  It was a cold, wet, dirty, sloppy, great run in the north country w/ a classy guy.  [1:22:20]. Good to get back out in the woods (the real woods).  Still quite a bit of snow and ice up there and at my parents place.  Hard to believe that May is less than 2 weeks away. It will be some time before the trails and ground are solid.  Lots of plunging down into deep mud.  Good fun though. Makes me look forward to some good trail and mountain running.

A look at my Dad's shed in E.Wakefield, NH. Still a bunch of snow in the yard...

The Oroc's after Kevin took me for a tour of Tamworth's backcountry.

Lastly, a funny ultra running commercial forwarded to me by Mark Lundblad.

04-19 - Tuesday: Day off.  Threw the clothes on and got to the door. It was raining, it was late, I wasn't in the mood.  If I was somewhere else, I might have been.  Looking out the door and down the streets of Salem and Methuen, I decided to bag it.  Good news is that I don't even feel like I ran yesterday.

04-18 - Monday: 17 miles (roads).  1 mile w/up + 15 miles hard + 1 mile c/dwn.  Ran first 15 miles of Boston Marathon and then pulled out. 1:11:18 through half, then a 5:35 and then just shy of 5 minutes (within view of the 15 mile mark) I pulled off.  1 mile cooldown jogging around for 10 minutes when I got back to the finish line to get my stuff.

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