Sunday, April 17, 2011

Training 04-11 to 04-17

Wrap  Up: 42.1 miles for the week as I taper for the marathon on Monday.  Will be glad to get this out of the way and get back to good training again.

04-17 - Sunday: 3 miles (roads) - easy run in Salem, Methuen. Solo.

04-16 - Saturday: 5 miles (roads) - easy run in Salem, Methuen.  Solo.  Taper continues.

04-15 - Friday: 8 miles (trails) - river trail in Andover w/ DD.  Went to the 3 mile mark, turned around, then ran out towards the boathouse and back.   Nice and easy.  [57:55].

Below is yet another snippet of finish line footage from the 2010 Mount Washington Road Race.  This is places 30 to about 53 (for men). Watch in HD!

04-14 - Thursday: 8 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo). Usual run today...Lake St. out and back.  Right leg still kinda bothering me but only at the beginning for about 2 miles. [51:42]

Below is part 11 of the Mt. Washington Road Race raw footage from 2010...this time, it is finish line footage.  This is places 1-31 for men and 1-2 for women.  Watch in HD!

04-13 - Wednesday: 8 miles (trails) - river trail from hotel (solo). Raining, wet, cold, muddy. Found 2 missed flags from the river trail course marking, and some 'Xterra' tape used to direct the runners back to the start. This technically means that the time on dd's 1:23:17 course-sweep actually was still ticking because the job was not completed until today...actually, I didn't sweep over the last mile of the course, so there could have been even more flags still out there... leg was still bothering me a little, but I think it is just still a bit sore from the 5 miler on Sunday...Icing it now and will keep an eye on it as I just try to keep things rolling this week with boring, short runs.

04-12 - Tuesday: 5 miles (trails) - river trail from track w/ the brothers-Healey. [37:22].  May have been a tad longer than 5 because we ran quick for the first part (because Chris was pushing the pace). Wanted to do more, but my right leg was a bit tight and sore right below my knee on the side.  I figured a couple more miles during this taper week isn't really going to help.  It is depressing, running this little and this 'uneventful' before this damn marathon business.

04-11 - Monday: 5 miles (roads) nice and easy recovery run in Salem, Methuen (wow it was warm out there)  (34:27).  Legs were heavy from yesterday's race (even with the shakeout last night w/ DQ).  Just felt stiff and sluggish.  This week will be a couple of easy 8s (over the next couple days) and then some 5-6 mile runs with some's all about just hanging on now until after I get this friggin' marathon out of the way. 1 week to go.  Then I can start enjoying myself again with my running!  Red's race writeup coming soon!

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