Sunday, April 10, 2011

Training 04-04 to 04-10

Wrap Up: 61.5 miles as I begin to 'ahem' taper... or something like that... 1 good race in Dover (Red's Shoe Barn 5 Mile).  Also managed to sneak in a fun run up in Freedom w/ Kevin Tilton this week, went to the river once, and then just ran some medium distance road runs around my house this week.  Nothing spectacular, but then again, with Boston looming, I think behaving myself is appropriate here.  Congrats to the two lucky contestants of my MP3 player giveaway (details below in the video)...I still owe 2 race reports (now that Red's is in the books)...

04-10 - Sunday: 11.5 miles (roads) - 3 m w/up with DD over Red's course in Dover, NH + race: 5M - Red's - 1st OA (25:25) + cooldown with Nate 'the Great' Huppe over Red's course and then some neighborhoods.  I am now 3 race reports behind.  I'll knock them all out today!  How about that for ambition?

PM: 5.5 miles (roads) w/ DQ in Salem, Derry.

Exciting news...the drawing was just held for the Sony MP3 players.  The winners are..... (you'll have to watch this professional video taken below...don't skip to the end, the suspense is great and well worth it)...I appologize ahead of time for the lack of planning and for my haircut.  I didn't have time to storyboard this, or setup my pro lighting and sound system.  I also wanted Kristin to be in a bikini for the actual drawing of names (kind of like a ring girl at a boxing match who shows you the round number), but she just gave me 'that look' and walked away.

04-09 - Saturday: 6 miles (roads) solo run through Salem, Methuen.  Didn't have much time to run...birthday party down in Plymouth, MA to go to... (39:28)

04-08 - Friday: 8 miles (somewhere around 60 minutes of actual running)... marking the river trail w/ DD, Verrington, Scotty PHAT Graham, Dave Lapierre, and Steve 'ya I ran a few 1:08s' Peterson. Ran 2+ miles solo and then 5+ miles w/ the crew, marking the course and then running up to Dave's car off of River Rd.  Nice and easy day..good to shoot the breeze with the guys.  Everyone except Scotty Graham had a better Mt. Wash PR than me.

04-07 - Thursday: 8.1 miles (53:12) Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads). Bonked at 2 miles.  From 2 to 5 was brutal for some reason.  I really felt like a schmuck.  Then I had a rebound over the last 3 miles.  I am 0-2 for this loop this week...yesterday it was my stomach and today it was my lack of sugar.  I really didn't eat anything today and only had a little water before the run... The good news is that as I start to taper down, nothing at all is bothering me.  I probably don't have the right mileage under my belt, but from a health point of view, I have no lingering issues to complain about.... so I got that goin' for me....which is nice ;).

I have to finish my ES20 race report (I have been very lazy with that) and then the report from this past weekend's 5k... I hopefully will have these up before I race again...I don't want to get 3 races behind in reports...

For now, let's look at Part 10 of the 2010 Mount Washington Road Race raw footage.  This is footage of the runners finishing up the 'wall'... places 3-23, including the top woman's finisher.  Watch in HD! (and check out the near disaster at 5:58 into the video as I almost get bowled over by some schmoe backing onto the course as I am making my way up the wall...)

04-06 - Wednesday: 8.1 miles (52:03) Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (roads).  Out on Lake St. to 97 and back.  Had to go to the bathroom ridiculously bad the last 4 miles and my stomach was killing me.  I barely made it home in one piece (if you know what I mean)...

04-05 - Tuesday: 7.1 miles (1:09:05) in Freedom, NH over skimobile trails and up Mary's Mountain w/ Kevin Tilton.  Nice run around Trout Pond skimobile trails and some single track bushwhack.  Lots of deep snow and ice everywhere (except up on the peak).  Kevin and I both ran in the Orocs but we should have had the Dion's on actually.  Fun run.  Saw 4 total deer.  This run was all about time-on-feet rather than mileage.  Now I know what Kevin's training is like :).

04-04 - Monday: 7.2 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen. Just wandered around.  Drizzling out and just didn't feel like doing anything... Ran late in the day and just think I'm in 'taper' mode at this point.  Was going to run 10 but came by the front of my house in 47:00 and called it a day.


  1. Well no wonder I didn't win, you didn't use THE hat.

    The day after I posted my 10 songs, WFNX had me reaching for the volume knob on my ride into work and it occurred to me that a great driving song is more than likely a great running song. God Save The Queen by the Pistols resulted in a significant reduction in my finish time that morning, but better to run angry than drive angry.

  2. haha..I forgot about THE hat! ;). Next time!