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Red's 5M

Again, I'm behind the is a race report from a couple weeks back when I ran the Red's Shoe Barn 5 Miler (results) (now called the Red's Race for a Better Community). This was the 30th annual race and my 3rd time in a row going up in the week prior to or right after the Boston Marathon. The last 2 years this race has been right after Boston. This year it was before, which I think made a difference in the way my legs were able to handle the rolling nature of the course. Pictured above, me w/ the 'co-record holder' Dave Dunham who ran 24:13 (rounded up from 24:12.01) on this monster back in 1996.  Craig Fram ran 24:13 here in 1997 after packing it in over the last mile and then sprinting right at the end when he realized how fast the last mile was.

After warming up on the first part of the course with 'the author', we were underway on a relatively warm, sunny day (but not quite as warm as last year).  I immediately went out relatively quick, as the course does have some steady but very easy climbing at the beginning.  Essentially the entire first couple miles steadily roll upwards and I was pushing it out front, with Nate Huppe a ways back in 2nd place, seemingly all by himself as well.  I was looking back a bit at the beginning wanting to know who, if anyone, was coming along for the ride...but no real takers.  Nate is experienced with this course and knows every section.  I was expecting him to come up and join me but he was content with his pace and I pushed on, riding right behind the lead vehicle.  I cruised up through the first mile in 5:08.

There is a long straight section approaching mile 2 and then a decent incline up past a water stop as I hit the second mile in 10:05 (for a 4:57 split).  The course takes a sharp left and then runs through some heavily wooded and twisty roads that have some slight downs and then a couple of rolls before opening up to some nice fields and neighborhoods past the 3 mile mark.  I hit 3 in a 5:12 split, which I knew was to be expected with the nature of the middle miles.  Mile 4 was more of the same, with another 5:12 because the last part of this mile is on the biggest hill of the course, which climbs up past the 4 mile mark and leads you to a last 3/4 of a mile of nice rolling downhill.  I clicked through in 20:29 for 4 miles and had a pretty big lead on Nate.  I glanced back as I made the turn towards 4 and could see Nate across the field but couldn't tell who was next.

I focused on trying to cruise on the last part as I started to roll down past a bunch of spectators who were out in their front yards cheering the race on.  You can see the finish area and the tops of the buildings from about a half mile out and the course just rolls down and drops essentially all of the elevation you built up over the course of the race.  I  dipped under 5 for my last mile, which is a feat with the first quarter of it being up a decent last part of the biggest hill on the course.  I came through in 25:25, which I was elated with.  I ran 30 seconds slower last year and was still happy with that time because it was right after Boston and anything under 26 I considered a good run on this be that far under 26 this year was a big bonus.

In talking with the Foster's reporter, I found out after the race that I was the first person to back-to-back this thing after Mike O'Brien did it back in 2000/2001.

Fosters article.

Seacoast Online article.

Splits - 5 Miles (25:25 / 5:05 pace):

Mile 1) 5:08
Mile 2) 4:57 (10:05)
Mile 3) 5:12 (15:17)
Mile 4) 5:12 (20:29)
Mile 5) 4:55 (25:25)

I cooled down with Nate and Mike G. after.  Nate took me on a tour of residential Dover.  On returning, I got my paws on a nice Red's gift cert for winning and drove right over to grab a sweet pair of hiking shoes.  Then it was back on the road to head on home... I'm now 2 for 2 in Dover this young season....

Above: Me my mates for the day...DD (rocking his Lowell singlet) and Nate the Great...

Top 10 (CMS in Blue):

Place Name Town/State Age Time Pace
1 Jim Johnson       Salem NH        33 25:25 5:05
2 Nathan Huppe      Dover NH        31 27:20 5:28
3 Dave Dunham       Bradford MA     47 27:49 5:34
4 Brian Ruhm        Nashua NH       45 28:10 5:38
5 Fergus Cullen     Dover NH        38 28:16 5:40
6 Patrick Connelly  Chester NH      47 28:32 5:43
7 Bret Page         Sanbornville NH 33 28:38 5:44
8 Randy Macneill    Epping NH       49 28:46 5:46
9 Michael Brady     Durham NH       51 28:58 5:48
10 Cameron Barth     Lee NH          14 29:21 5:53

512 Total Finishers.

Shaky video of the start - courtesy of my Dad...

DD finishing up a good run - courtesy of my Dad...

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