Sunday, April 3, 2011

Training 03-28 to 04-03

Wrap Up:  70.3 miles this week with 1 good race effort (5k).  Just going through the motions and staying healthy for Boston at this point.  Did lots of good, fun trail runs this week w/ local mates around here....good to be getting back into the trails but the weather is still a bit on the cold side and has been crazy with some snow lately (and maybe a little bit more in the next couple days)... I can't wait until the warm weather is here to stay... I look forward to more miles as the warm temps set in.  This coming week will just be more of the same, with a slight taper next week, some sort of race this coming weekend, then the marathon which will just be a fun experience without too much focus or pressure...that's the way to run these things I think...

04-03 - Sunday: 10 miles (trails) - River trail from hotel w/ DD.  Overslept and was late getting there.  He left without me.  I caught him before 3 mile mark after I hammered to catch him. [1:12:17]

04-02 - Saturday: 10 miles (roads) - 4 miles (maybe even longer) warmup with Craig Fram, which was like 31+ minutes and we were hauling arse over the last mile to get back to the start, which we almost missed + 3.2 mile (long 5k) race in 15:39 (1st OA). This was the Helping Children Hear in NH 5k in Dover. Very pleased with this race, as the course is a tad long (officially 3.21 miles) and there are a bunch of nice climbs, especially in mile 1, which made it a very tough grind to try to run that fast.  I've also been dealing with a head cold and my sinus' and throat have been bad the past 3 days.  Last night and today I was very congested, so I am really glad I was able to bust out a quick one today.  I was also test driving some brand new 'minimal' shoes from a certain trail shoe company.  These aren't out yet and they are super light, super low profile as far as tread, and a 'zero' shock zone, meaning there is essentially no differential between the toes and the heel... it's the closest thing to the barefoot running 'fad' as I'll get...but I had a really great time in them and they felt very comfortable over the 5k distance.  For a cooldown, I ran the course (this time we went the right way) with Craig Fram.

04-01 - Friday: 6 miles (roads) - easy run in Salem, Methuen (solo).  Didn't get out until late. Ran in the  snow and cold rain (mix).  Welcome to April in New England.

03-31 - Thursday: 10 miles (trails) - the 'real' river trail course with Ryan Miller, Mike Quintal, and Kevin 'don't call it a comeback' Alliette.  Cold, wet run. Snow started to lightly fall at the end.  MQ pushes the pace as usual. [1:08:20].

03-30 - Wednesday: 12 miles (trails) - with Mike Quintal, Ryan Miller, Chris Mahoney. Andover, MA - Deer Jump Reservation across Forest Hill Wetlands, John & Marie Boloin Reserve, and down to Golden Oaks Green Area. Ran up Wood Hill and around all the radio towers, back down the other side, and then headed back. Same as Tuesday essentially, except we kept the group together and no one got lost! [1:26:00]. Oh yeah, I'm sick.  First time in a long time...

03-29 - Tuesday: 12 miles (trails) - with Mike Quintal, Dave Quintal, and Ryan Miller.  Andover, MA - Deer Jump Reservation across Forest Hill Wetlands, John & Marie Boloin Reserve, and down to Golden Oaks Green Area. Ran up Wood Hill and around all the radio towers, back down the other side, and then headed back.  We lost DQ temporarily on the way back... [1:29:57].

Last bit of the actual race footage from the course.  Watch in HD!  Next I'll start piecing together some finish line video.

03-28 - Monday: 10 miles (trails) - River trail from hotel w/ Mike Quintal [1:08:18]. Didn't eat much today (after gorging myself yesterday after the race and last night at the Weathervane).  I felt a little 'bonky' before I even headed out the door.  I meant to bring a GU with me but forgot.  Only a few miles into the run I started to quasi-bonk.  I kept it quiet as Michael and I just chugged along, but on the way back I had my highs and lows.  Legs feel great (just a tad bit heavy, but good).  I don't feel like I raced 20 miles yesterday at all, which is a great  thing.  Near the end of the run (last 5 minutes), Mike indicated that we were still on a sub-70 effort, so we worked it a bit near the end to squeak under 69 min. The trails are in great shape.  There is still a good bit of snow and ice packed into the shady parts along the powerlines, but other than that, it is mostly clear of any snow or ice now.  I love how this week ends with days in April...great stuff!  I hope this actual 'snow' I'm seeing on the weather forecast for later in the week is just rain... Race report to come probably tomorrow, as will some more Mt. Wash video...

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  1. The Wood hill section used to be a great place to run. There was a ton of running where the school now is. I went there back in the early 90's and did some orienteering races. I'd love to join you guys for a run out there some time.