Sunday, March 27, 2011

Training 03-21 to 3-27

Wrap Up: 82.5 miles for the week.  1 good race to wrap up a big month of racing.  I only raced 4 times this month but they were all big races and ES20 was the last of them.  I can honestly say I'm happy with my last 4 'big' races and would never have imagined pulling it together for all these in 4 weeks.  From the 50k, to Snowshoe Nationals, to New Bedford, to Eastern States, I have managed to hang tough and squeeze them all in without getting spread too thin.  I did back off the mileage just a bit to manage all these races, but I came back stronger this week with an 80+ mile week and a great effort in pretty tough conditions on Sunday.  I feel good though and that's a huge plus.  March has historically been rough on me and I'm almost out of this one without any issues (fingers crossed).  I have also been dipping back in the trails... gotta love that!

03-27 - Sunday: 21.5 miles (roads) - 1.5 mile w/up (about a mile w/ Pat Moulton + more easy running and strides down to the starting line in Kittery, ME) + 20 mile race - Eastern States 20 Miler - 2nd OA - 1:51:35 (5:35 pace).  Cooldown was getting the bus back to the Ashworth Hotel where I proceeded to eat about 600 large jelly beans, 30-40 cookies, 4 slices of pizza, a bowl of soup, bread, 12 cups of Gatorade, and 3 Root Beers.  I was hungry and thirsty afterwards.  Race report to follow.

03-26 - Saturday: 8 miles (trails) - River trail from hotel to powerlines and back with Dave Quintal.  Nice and easy. [1:02:07].

Another 6 minutes of the 2010 Mount Washington Road Race raw footage. Watch in HD!

03-25 - Friday: 10.5 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - Hampstead/Lake loop. Steady. [1:07:40].

03-24 - Thursday: 10 miles (trails) - river trail from hotel with Mike Quintal and Ryan Miller.  [1:08:20]. Snowing pretty good at the beginning. Trails had very light snow-cover for most of the time.  Saw two deer.

03-23 - Wednesday: 12.5 miles (trails) - Andover trails w/ Kevin Alliette.  Distance from Kevin's Garmin.  Merrimack River trail to Deer Jump Reservation, then across Forest Hill Wetlands, John & Marie Boloin Reserve, and down to Golden Oaks Green Area.  We ran up Wood Hill and around all the radio towers, back down the other side, and then headed back.  [1:32:49]. Good run. Only saw one other person and 2 big deer over near the 495.  Wore the new Inov-8 Oroc 340s I just got this week.  This was my first run in them and I am really digging these shoes, especially on the wet trails around this time of year.  They offered great traction on some of the steeper climbs.  I may have found my new favorite shoe for longer trail runs.   Good review here.

03-22 - Tuesday: 8 miles (roads) - Andover, Lawrence w/ Mike Quintal and Matt Pimentel.  First mile solo, then a wiffleball and football break, then 7 more miles with the lads. [57:43].  Easy does it...

Another (shorter) section of the Mount Washington Road Race from 2010... Watch in HD! (a longer clip to come maybe tomorrow).

03-21 - Monday: 12 miles (trails) - river trail from hotel with additional loop / add-on w/ Matt Pimentel.  [1:25:15].  Legs feel good.  Ran in the snow though.  Snowed the whole day and then the whole time running.  Trails were in decent shape although snow covered in many spots.  Still a lot of deep snow along the power lines.

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