Sunday, March 20, 2011

Training 03-14 to 3-20

Wrap Up: 68.2 miles for the week on 6 days.  Took a zero on Monday because of the travel across country.  I am very pleased with the race on Sunday, seeing I had the 50k 2 weekends ago, then snowshoe nationals last week with a long road trip back.  No sleep at all on Sunday (literally) and Monday / Tuesday I was a zombie.  Just starting to get back into training, but I am somehow hanging onto some fitness and it's just working right now.  Hips and legs are a bit trashed up but this is another big race out of the way and so far things are going well.  This week I hope to get back up over 80 and do so for a couple weeks before taking it back down again for the Boston Marathon, which is just going to be a fun race. If I run well, great...If I don't, it's OK.  I really haven't thought too much about that race and maybe that's a good thing...  VERY proud of the CMS guys who rocked today in the New Bedford Half Marathon.  Just really pumped about the performances and the tight group we had.  5 guys in the top 24 and all 5 scoring members under 1:11!!!!  Mike Quintal with a HUGE PR.  Scott Leslie w/ a big race and PR as well.  Just really feeling great about the team effort right now.  I haven't been that happy after a race because of a team performance in a long long time.

03-20 - Sunday: 18.1 miles (roads) in New Bedford, MA.  2.5 (approx) w/up w/ Mahoney, Tilton, Ward, Leslie, and McCarron + New Bedford Half Marathon (12th OA - 1:09:20) + 2.5 (approx) c/down w/ the same lads. Race write up to follow.

03-19 - Saturday: 8.1 miles (roads) in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo). Late run, as I was dragging all day.  I got up super early to go run w/ some folks but never got off the couch after sitting down with my coffee.  Did a bunch of cleaning in the yard and garage and then took a nap.  The day got away from me.  Ended up running at around 5:30pm, but that doesn't really bother me.  Ran in the adios for the first time since the 50k (and only the second time ever). [53:07] Gonna roll in those tomorrow and see what happens. Not really caring one way or the other about the half tomorrow.  With the 50k and snowshoe out of the way, I'm really not looking forward to anything other than Mt. Washington...but I'll run like a million races between then and now of course ;).

03-18 - Friday: 10 miles (roads) in Methuen w/ Kevin Alliette (and his trusty Garmin). Steady run and just a tad bit of trails and one killer hill. [1:06:38].  Kevin claimed this to be his 2nd fastest 10 miler in a year.  It was WARM out.  Shot hoops at Methuen HS beforehand w/ Alliette.

Even more Mount Washington stuff.. below is the next 6+ minutes (giving you more because it's FRIDAY!)... this look takes us from past halfway, up to the unpaved section through the fifth mile.  Watch in HD!!!!

03-17 - Thursday: 10.5 miles (roads) in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo).  [1:08:18]. Decent run. Felt OK. Beautiful weather out this afternoon.

More Mount Washington stuff... below is the next 5 minutes or so of footage going through the halfway mark and following the epic battle between Blake and Siemers.  Watch it in HD!!!

03-16 - Wednesday: 10 miles (trails) in Andover, MA - Merrimack River Trail.  Wet, muddy, snowy, icy in spots.  Deep snow still in shady sections. Icy and slow along the ridges.  Still managed to run 1:11:55 even with having to tip toe quite a bit on ice.

More Mt. Washington footage below...this is a rather short clip (more long clips to come) but it was the next few smaller clips put together.  Don't forget to watch it in HD!!!

03-15 - Tuesday: 11.5 miles (roads) in Lawrence, Andover, MA from GTD workout site with the brothers-Healey.  Legs starting to feel better after the last couple weekend's of big races and a 30 hour marathon driving session across the country.

03-14 - Monday: day off.  Drove from 3:40pm Sunday afternoon (Central Time) straight through 9 states, non-stop w/ Kevin Tilton and arrived in Boston at 3:36pm (Eastern Time) (just 4 minutes ahead of having to pay for another day's car rental).  No stopping other than to refuel (both the car and us).  No sleep.  No time for a run.  We technically started the driving at around 11am CST on Sunday from Hayward, WI to Minneapolis, MN (3 hours or so).  Then from MN to MA (25 hours).  Then bus to South Station.  Then the commuter rail from South Station in Boston to Norwood Depot in Norwood, MA.  Then walk 3 blocks to get Kevin's car at his aunt's house.  Then drive from Norwood, MA to Salem, NH.  Essentially we were on the go from 11am CST Sunday to 7pm EST on Monday.  Without sleeping, we were both beat.  I was NOT going to be a hero and try to squeeze in a couple miles in the dark.

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