Monday, March 14, 2011

Training 03-07 to 3-13

Wrap Up: 37.6 miles with one day off, one good race at US Snowshoe Nationals out in Wisconsin, and multiple short, easy runs to recover from the 50K last Sunday.  I had to take this week VERY easy and just get the legs feeling normal again.  I got a massage on Wednesday and just shook the legs out each day until nationals.  Now back to the grindstone... Race writeup from Nationals to come...Also, more Mt. Washington footage should be posted this week...sorry for slacking on that.  I have some decent footage of snowshoe nationals (women's race only, as I couldn't possibly take video of my race ;) ).  Here's a picture of a nice oatmeal stout and some good ole' fashioned Wisconsin cheese curds...

03-13 - Sunday: 4.6 miles (snowy roads). Hayward, WI.  Slow recovery run with Kevin Tilton and Tim VanOrden over backcountry roads from our hotel.  40:00.  Foot still bothering me just a little.

03-12 - Saturday: 12 miles (snowshoes). Cable, WI.  Approx 3.5 mile warmup around 1st part of course + strides.  Then 10K race - US Snowshoe Nationals - 8th OA + approx 2.5 cooldown with Kevin, Tim, and some others.  No problems during the race.  Felt pretty good.  Writeup to come.

03-11 - Friday: 4 miles (snowshoes). Cable, WI.  Run w/ Tivo and Tilton over part of the snowshoe nationals course in Wisconsin. 41:00. Most of the run was in the dark because we got up there just as the sun was going down.  We checked out the course and ran over the second section a couple of times nice and easy. Right foot was bothering me a bit and hamstring was a little tight, but the legs felt fine otherwise.

03-10 - Thursday: 6 miles (roads). Salem, Methuen (solo).  44:00.  Nice and easy before Kevin Tilton picked me up to head down to begin the journey out to snowshoe nationals.  Legs starting to feel slightly better and more normal again after the 50k.

03-09 - Wednesday: 6 miles (yaktrax).  Ran the rail trail in N.Salem and Windham.  Completely snow covered and ice packed. It will be that way for a long while.  At least 6-8 inches of packed ice on the paved trail and it's rock solid.  Great for yaktracking right now.  [45:22].  Massage earlier today and legs are starting to 'not kill'.  Photos from the Windham Rail Trail I took today (gives you an idea of the state of the trails and how the snow ain't goin' anywhere for a while)...

03-08 - Tuesday: 5 miles (roads) super easy + 1 mile of walking.  Quads are ridiculous.  I feel like someone just took a baseball bat and repeatedly beat me with it. It did feel better the longer I ran along but just did about 8 minute pace to get the blood flowing again.  It felt really good to walk. I don't remember the last time I just walked for an extended period of time...  I may have to try that more often.  Good news is that the feet felt fine.  The only real bad pains are in my quads.  I can't imagine how I'd feel if there were any substantial downhills on that course on Sunday.  Race writeup coming hopefully by tomorrow!

More Mount Washington stuff below.  Here is the third section of 5-minute video. This is from the first water stop, back up through the field to the leaders. Don't forget to switch it to HD before watching!!  Also, don't forget that you have 1 week until the Mount Washington Road Race Lottery closes!  Get your name in there if you've ever thought about giving this one a try!

03-07 - Monday: Rest Day and recovery from the 50K.  Can barely walk let alone run or jog. I did a couple of seconds at a time worth of jogging to just see if I could move faster than a duck walk and it was ridiculous.  It was actually comical.  Kristin got a chuckle out of seeing just how destroyed my legs were.  I told her that if the house was on fire, I wasn't making it out.

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