Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training 02-28 to 3-06

Wrap Up: 56.1 miles on the week in 5 days. 2 days off, 1 series of medical tests to clear my heart problems, a massage on Wednesday, and 1 very good and surprising race.  After starting the week off with a call from the cariologist, having to get a series of scans done, and getting in to see the massage therapist for some last minute work, I wrapped up the taper week with a solid 50K down at the US Championships on Long Island.  Race report coming soon.  3rd overall behind Mike Wardian and Josh Ferenc (but only 37 seconds behind Josh in the end).  Now we sit back and wait to see what happens in the next few months at the other qualifiers for Worlds, which is in August.  Right now, Josh and I are 8 and 9th individual (after 5 of 14 qualifying events). This week I am going to try to be able to walk right again, get another massage, and just try to hang on for Snowshoe Nationals on Saturday. I'm not sure how this is going to go down. I may end up just going and not racing...who knows.  Right now I can't even walk right... feels like I just ran 31 miles on the roads for some sub 6 minute pace...  More Mt. Washington video to come...maybe tonight....

03-06 - Sunday: 31 miles (roads). US 50K National Championships down at Caumsett Park - Huntington, NY.  3rd OA - 3:05:37 (5:59 pace).  Went through the marathon in about 2:32:30 at then blew up all over the place but held it together for the last 8K in the pouring rain and wind to finish just 37 seconds back of Josh Ferenc (BAA) for 3rd OA.  Mike Wardian killed it from the beginning and ran all by himself.  More to come in the race report.

03-05 - Saturday: 5 miles (roads).  Last easy run before heading down to NY for the 50K.  Salem, Methuen (solo). [35:12].

03-04 - Friday: 0 miles.  Was going to do an easy 5 as I taper for the 50K but on my way out the door at 5pm (fully dressed & headlamp on) I noticed water coming into my dining room from upstairs.  It was a mess.  Spent the next 4 hours with plumber fixing pipes and property manager on the phone. Went back outside to try to go after all that and slipped on the ice 2 seconds into a run (literally on my walkway).  Fell on my knee and side, popped back up, and went back inside.

03-03 - Thursday: 6 miles (roads). Easy and short run as I continue to taper this week. [41:41]

The cardiologist's office called last night with the results of the CT scan imaging. Everything looks normal and I've been given the green light for running/racing going forward. They indicated that I was in the 15% for the false positive results. This is great news.  The only thing that is still bothering me now (besides a slightly tight hammy) is my arms. I'm still getting the numbness and tingling in my arms on my runs... today I tried to keep extra warm and it was a little help, but not sure what is going on here w/ the arms and hands/fingers.  Hopefully it just eventually goes away.

The new adizero adios arrived today and I was able to break them in a little bit. Not quite as sexy as the yellow ones I had from 2 years ago, but these shoes are so frickin' comfortable I cannot pass them up when I have long road stuff. My old ones are beat. I'll be using these this weekend and for NB, ES20, and Boston (assuming I'll be able to race all/any of those).

Here is the next 5 or so minutes of the Mt. Washington race from 2010. The pack starts to string out a little bit as the field clicks through the first mile (.9) and then through the first water stop. Blake and Siemers start to pull away. This is again, raw footage and the actual DVD that is available from Kelly Cicero has been nicely edited. With special permission, she is letting me use and post the raw footage from the race itself. Some good stuff here and to come as we celebrate the Mt. Washington Lottery season :)  Make sure to watch in HD!!!

03-02 - Wednesday: 8.1 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo).  Regular run up Scotland Hill, out and back. Windy and chilly. [53:12]. Continuing to taper down a bit and take it easy and short this week.  Arms really numbed up and bothered me.  I think I have some sort of new circulation issue or something.  Hands felt like they used to after early season batting practice in the cold weather...  Got a massage today at Salem Massage Therapy. Feel pretty good and the hamstring is doing much better.  No call from the doctor yet unfortunately.

In keeping with my promise of posting some Mt. Wash clips from last year (seeing the start of the lotto was yesterday), I have decided the best angle is to just take clips I got from Kelly Cicero (raw footage) and edit them just a bit but not spend the time to add music or captions, etc.  I'm going to just piece together some decent clips and push some to the web every so often.  Here is the first one.  I figured I'd start at the beginning and post the first few minutes of the race... In this clip, we see Luke Watson (2:15 marathoner) go out like he was shot out of the cannon they fired at the start of the race.  The commentary in these clips is very faint due to problems with the mic during filming, but Simon Gutierrez is in the lead vehicle with Kelly and you get to see him right at the end of the clip.  For best quality, watch in HD!

03-01 - Tuesday: 6 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen. Solo.  Easy run to test out the hamstring and it felt OK.  [40:52].  Going to try to get in for a massage this week.  Easy 5-6 per day planned this week for a taper and recovery.  Had my appointment this morning for the high res CT scan of my heart at Salem Radiology.  They sent the results to the doctors and I should hopefully hear back tomorrow of the status.  This weekend's action will depend on the results and the state of my hamstring.

Side note 1: The Mount Washington Lottery opened today.  It will run for 2 weeks.  If you are having any thoughts about giving it a run this year (as I strongly encourage), throw your name in the hat.  If you get picked, great.  If not, you're off the hook! :)   The 51st annual race gets underway on June 18.  I will try to get some video uploaded between now and race day....I have a lot of good footage from last year's race and will work on some clips to share.

Side note 2: Charlie Sheen is now on Twitter.  This is going to be good.  Make sure you follow.

02-28 - Monday: 0.  First day off all year but this is perfect timing with a planned taper week. Hamstring was still bad from Sunday's slog and I got a call from the cardiologist in the morning.  They wanted me to come in for a follow up appointment next Monday.  I asked if it was 'routine' and she answered no and indicated that they see abnormalities in the imaging from the stress test.  I asked for the Dr. to call me back and he did.  He told me that the imaging and results point to ischemia and some other concerns they have and he wanted me to get a high res CT scan.  They setup an appointment at Salem Radiology for me to once and for all find out if I have an issue or if the tests are just yielding a false positive (about a 15% chance).  He thinks I may fit into that 15% because of my fitness but because of my family history, we need to find out.  They are accommodating me with a quick test so I can find out before this weekend.


  1. Good luck with the CT. We're betting on the 15%!

  2. cool video...Siemers really established himself early...too bad hehad to quit running for hip surgery.

  3. Cool footage, but I thought that race got cancelled.