Sunday, February 27, 2011

Training 02-21 to 2-27

Wrap Up: 71.5 miles for the week with 2 races.  The week turned into a disaster quickly in just one day.  1 great race and 1 race that may go down as my least favorite and it wasn't due to anyone involved (the people and venue were fantastic), just my liking/disliking of the conditions it was run over.  The course itself was beautiful and the race was memorable, but just not fun for me. Plain and simple. Even if I had been able to run a little better it still would have been a one and done for me. I certainly wasn't looking to fall flat on my face on upwards of a dozen + times and tweak my hamstring to the point where it was difficult to drive the 2 + hours home.  More to come on my feelings on this race and the race on Saturday.  Really disappointed with the end to the week as you can tell.  Now my plans for racing this coming week may be sunk.

02-27 - Sunday: 8.6 miles (roads, snowshoe). W.Hawley/Plainfield, MA - 3 mile w/up (roads) w/ Paul Bazanchuck, DD, Tim Mahoney + 5.6 mile race - 3rd OA - 57:12. No cooldown.  Pulled hamstring from ridiculous snow conditions that just ruined my taste for snowshoeing at this point.  More to come on this, but for now, I can barely bend my leg.  Nice.  Just what I was looking for from a nice weekend out west.

02-26 - Saturday: 11 miles (roads, snowshoe).  Northfield, MA.  3 mile w/up (roads and then snowshoes) with Nick Wheeler and CMS /Acidotic crew + race (5.5 miles) - Northeast Snowshoe Federation Championship - Northfield Mt / Northfield, MA.  2nd OA - 45:53 + 2.5 mile c/down (roads) w/ Nick, TNT, CMS crews.

02-25 - Friday: 6 miles (roads). Easy run before the weekend's races. [42:45]

02-24 - Thursday: 12 miles (roads).  Headlamp run w/ Chris Mahoney and Dan Vassallo in Methuen, Haverhill, MA.  From Whirlaway.  Really nice loop that Chris showed us over in a pretty quiet section of northwest Haverhill.  Enjoyable run and one of my new goto 12 mile loops for sure... [1:19:55]

02-23 - Wednesday: 13.4 miles (roads). Headlamp run w/ Mike Quintal in Wakefield, MA.  4 bangs around the Q. [1:27:31].  Icy in some spots but mostly dry roads and sidewalks.

02-22 - Tuesday: 10.5 miles (roads).  Headlamp run w/ Dave Quintal from his palatial estate in North Salem, NH. [1:09:15].

02-21 - Monday: 10 miles (snowshoes).  Good run at the river.  I tried to do the River Trail in Andover, MA earlier in the year and didn't make it because of the ridiculous conditions.  Today was much better.  For the most part, the entire thing was packed /crusty snow where folks have been walking/snowshoeing/skiing all winter.  There is a trail cut out in the snow but it is in pretty bad shape.  There were postholes the whole time and for the most part they've frozen, making it sometimes unstable and unpredictable in spots.  There are also a couple of new blowdowns and some other areas where the trail has been cut different than where it normally goes in the spring/summer/fall months.  There were also a couple of other areas where there was little or no trail blazed at all so I would cut my own, where I know the normal trail usually goes.  The ridges before and after the powerlines was an example...not many people had been through there recently. I did wipe out once on the powerlines and I saw 5 dogs, 2 were leashed (which is a better percentage than usual).  The 2 dogs that were leashed were with the same owner, so that really should only count as one!  [1:27:21]


  1. It is so funny you actually did the river today because when MQ and I were on our way to Lowell via 110 I joked that you were out on the river course.

  2. o.k. hold on.
    you were in wakefield running around the lake?
    what time was this?