Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training 02-14 to 2-20

Wrap Up: 81 miles for the week and 2 really good, fun races (writeups to come).   Very busy day on Saturday and with a morning race and then a race on Saturday night, I think it would have been foolish of me to drive 6 total hours out to another snowshoe race today (Sunday).  I would have liked to triple, but in reality, I would have gotten nothing out of another 3.8 mile race on tired legs.  I felt great during and after the race on Saturday night and would have been able to blast today most likely, but I need to think about the big picture and right now, it's not a 3-4 mile snowshoe race 3 hours from here unfortunately.  Going to the half marathon today is really now getting me thinking seriously about road racing and trails again.  I have just about had it with the snow this year and it was good to be around the roads again today and watching the fast guys rip it up (Dan Vassallo dropping a 1:08 in blustery cold winds, all alone, and my teammate Mike Quintal PR'ing while running essentially alone in second place for the entire race).... I am looking forward to some road racing in the upcoming month(s) and still have a race or two left on the snow I think (including Nationals).  I'm playing it by ear and may be doing some snowshoeing this coming weekend, but I'm not sure just yet.

02-20 - Sunday: 10 miles (roads) - easy running around Hampton, North Hampton, NH while watching the Half at the Hamptons. I drove up to the race and parked at the North Hampton State Park and ran to the 3, 5, and 13.1 mile marks of the race, shooting some video (which I will post sometime tonight), and cooling down with Dan Vassallo and Mike Quintal after the race.  Did some pickups with Dan over the last couple miles.  Took it easy today and let my body recover from the snowshoe double yesterday and 18+ total miles out running in the snow and cold.  [1:15:00]

02-19 - Saturday: 18.3 miles (snow and roads) - Snowshoe double.  AM: 3.5 mile w/up (shoes) over the Beaver Brook snowshoe course in Hollis, NH.  VERY icey and dangerous snow conditions.  Jogged and had to walk some of the icey downs and along the ridge line.  Then threw on the snowshoes for some strides before the race [32:00]  + Race: Beaver Brook Snowshoe Race (3.3 miles) - 1st OA [20:21] + cooldown 2.5 miles on snowshoes over most of the course with Danny Ferreira, Ryan Kelly, and Amber Ferreira [20:00].  PM: Then went home, slept for about 90 minutes, got up and drove up to Madbury, NH for the Kingman Farm Snowshoe race. Warmup over the course (on snowshoes) with Kevin Tilton and Dave Dunham [30:00] + Race: Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe Race - 2nd OA [22:53] (lost by 2 seconds and ran right behind Kevin for the entire race. No room to pass at the end.) + cooldown on roads (2 miles) w/ David Principe, Bob Jackman, Dave Dunham, Kevin Tilton, and Ryan Welts [16:00]. Technically 6 runs today.  Good day but legs are pretty beat.  I think I'm out for tomorrow.  In the grand scheme of things, I don't need to drive 3 hours out and 3 hours back just to shoehorn another race in. I wish it was closer, but it's just too far for my 3rd race of the weekend.  I can technically do it, as I felt great after tonights race (and during) but I'd rather stay local, do a nice run and maybe watch a local race here.  We'll see...then again I may sleep in!

02-18 - Friday: 8.4 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill (solo). Very nice warm day. Ran later in the day and took it pretty easy as my legs have been beat from the steady mileage this winter and no real rest.  My house up Scotland Hill, down Shady Hill, over and up to Reservoir Hill, and back down. [56:35].

02-17 - Thursday: 10.4 miles (roads) - Methuen, Salem (solo). Awesome day. Bright sunshine, warm temps, overall enjoyable run despite my calf muscles being very sore and my legs feeling sort of heavy all week.  [1:08:04].  Watch for Kevin Tilton's domination of the Sidehiller Snowshoe Race tonight on WMUR's NH Chronicle at 7:30pm.  Speaking of snowshoe racing, check out this vintage pic for all those who think it's a 'new' sport...

02-16 - Wednesday: 14 miles (roads) - Methuen, Haverhill w/ Chris Mahoney from Whirlaway.  Saw Craig Fram Sr. on the way back.  Ran the first 4 solo and then 10 loop w/ Chris.  [1:36:45]. Watch NH Chronicle tomorrow night at 7:30pm.  They are spotlighting the Sidehiller Snowshoe race and interviewed Kevin Tilton, myself, and many others.  Kevin wiped the snow with me in the race, but the segment should still be worth watching...

02-15 - Tuesday: 10 miles (roads) - Lawrence (industrial park) w/ Mike Quintal.  Loops of the GTD workout area and the some (until Mike's Garmin told us we had run 10).  [1:06:55].  Very cold and windy.

02-14 - Monday: 10 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - out and back 8.2 + add on.  Started out nice and easy and started moving pretty good at the end.  Shoulders starting to open up on the sides of the road finally. Weather was great (52 degrees). [1:06:28].

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