Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training 02-07 to 2-13

Wrap Up: 74 miles for the week with 2 good races in the GSSS series.  No long run, but 2 good solid snowshoe races in there will help.  Mile temps this week will hopefully help me get some better mileage in.  Write ups for the races coming soon.  Special shout-out to Nick Wheeler who (to my knowledge) made his snowshoe racing debut up in Pownal, ME on Sunday. Looks like Nick had a solid race over Judson Cake who is having a good season so far.

02-13 - Sunday: 9.3 miles (snowshoes and roads) - Northwood, NH - 3.5 warmup over snowshoe course (but on shoes) then roads w/ DD then strides w/ snowshoes before race, over first part of the course +  3.8 mile snowshoe race - Bear Paw Classic (1st OA - 30:49) + 2 mile cooldown with DD on roads.

02-12 - Saturday: 13 miles (snowshoes and yaktrax) - Merrimack, NH.  4.56 mile warmup over the Horsehill Snowshoe course with DD in yaktrax (packed snow, super stiff and fast course) [45:00].  Then about a half mile in snowshoes up and down the beginning with strides and a little addon before the race + snowshoe race (4.56 miles) Horsehill Snowshoe Race - 1st OA [30:47] + 3.5 cooldown over course with Amber Ferreira and Ryan Kelly on snowshoes [29:00].

02-11 - Friday: 8.1 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill.  Solo jaunt over usual out and back course.  Was going to double and do a later 4 or 5 but decided it really wouldn't I have 2 races this weekend and I wasn't feeling too fresh this week.  Decided that only the 1 run would do for today.

02-10 - Thursday: 12 miles (roads) - Methuen, Haverhill - from Whirlaway with Mike Quintal, Craig Fram, Brandon Newbould, John Gorman, Paul Doe. 8 miles w/ the crew and then Craig, Mike and I did another 4. [1:29:20].  Good run.  Got the 'other side of the story' from Craig on essentially all the tales Dunham has told me over the years... Also good chatting with Brandon.  He's nowhere nears as crazy as Bob Wiles keeps telling me he is.

02-09 - Wednesday: 10.4 miles (icey roads/sidewalks) - 3 lake bangs with Mike Quintal around Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA. Very icey conditions.  Fell on my knee and side right before the end of the first loop.  Mike and I eased into the run and then found ourselves in a full on tempo over the last 2.5 miles or so as we blazed past runners racing in the 52 week series put on by Mystic Runners. [1:11:29]

02-08 - Tuesday: 10 miles (icey roads) - 2x 5 mile runs, both in 33:00.  Had to drop my car off at the dealership, run home, then run back later to pick it up. 5 miles each way.  Weather was OK for the first run home, but complete sh*te for the way back to the dealership. Snow was coming down hard and sideways right into my grill the entire way.  The roads were also slick and icing over pretty good.  Side note, some good video by Mike G. from the Boston Prep 16 miler (video here) in Derry, NH a couple weeks ago.

02-07 - Monday: 11.2 miles (snowshoe and roads) - first 3 miles at the river.  Horrible decision.  While the trail was cut very nicely and it 'looked' packed down, that was NOT the case.  There has been someone in there cutting a nice trail with snowshoes and skis probably daily, but the warm weather over the past two days has killed the top 6-7 inches of snow and running on it is just not possible to do safely.  I was punching through with every step and practically falling on my face continuously for almost 27 minutes.  The top layer was crusty and beneath, was 6 or so inches of heavy wet snow, which made picking the shoes up very difficult with each step.  It would have taken me hours to do the entire thing in this condition and it would have wrecked me for days (it actually made the conditions at nationals last year seem easy).  I turned around and headed back after only about a mile and a half in.  [26:40].  Hooked up with Chris Mahoney for an additional 8.2 miles in Methuen (over the Whirlaway 10k course + addon) [1:00:00]

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