Sunday, February 20, 2011

Half at the Hamptons Video

Video I shot today of the Half at the Hamptons (half marathon) up at Hampton Beach, NH.
My apologies for the windy audio...this was shot w/ my camera phone.


  1. ...additional note: the times I was calling out at 5 miles were way off. I forgot my watch didn't match up w/ the race time because I wasn't actually at the start and was going off of time of day according to my watch, which of course was a little off from when they actually started the race...

  2. Mr. Johnson-

    As one of the guys that you twice noted you didn't know, I'd like to introduce myself.

    Love the video, btw.


  3. hey, thanks man...sorry about that...I usually do know a lot of local guys but it's tough in the winter because everyone's wearing facemasks and nobody wears a uniform, etc. I missed Jason Porter because I think he was wearing a mask...didn't even recognize him... Nice work out there in a less than stellar day to run a 13.1 mile race... good times! Thanks for the link to your blog, I'll check it out. Hope to see you out there somewhere on the roads or trails this Spring/Summer... - JJ

  4. Jim,
    That was fun to watch. I'm doing Hyannis if you want to film me losing to a bunch of guys again.

    See you on Saturday.