Thursday, January 13, 2011

Training 1-10 to 1-16

Wrap Up: 73 miles for the week on essentially 6 days (although I did have 3 during the blizzard, so not officially a zero).  Not quite 80 miles, but no long run, so it's essentially the same type of week just minus the long run and the addition of second race. Had I done my planned 11+ on Wed. I would have hit 80s again, which is fine with me.  Two wins is also a nice way to close out the week. Race write-ups coming soon.

1-16 - Sunday: 10 miles - Guilderland, NY. 3 mile w/up on snowshoes over the course (plus strides) w/ Tim VanOrden  + 4.2 mile snowshoe race (Brave the Blizzard) + 3 mile cooldown (solo) roads.

1-15 - Saturday: 10 miles - Adams, MA. 3 mile w/up w/ Tim Mahoney and Paul Bazanchuk over road and packed snowmobile trails around the Glen + 4 mile snowshoe race (Greylock Glen) + 3 mile cooldown w/ Tim Mahoney.

1-14 - Friday: 14.3 miles on 2 runs.  4.3 miles from my house down to the dealership to pick up my car (snowy sidewalks and roads - Salem, Methuen) [29:02].  Then 10 miles in Andover, Tewksbury, Lawrence w/ Matt Pimentel (roads).  Hit 10 exactly, thanks to a couple of detours for Matt's super active bladder. [1:11:44]

1-13 - Thursday: 11.2 miles (roads and snow). Salem, Methuen, Pelham -  Another sh*tty run on the roads around here. I'm not getting any quality runs in whilst having to hop up into snowbanks and then back down repeatedly...having to shuffle across ice and into snowy slush that just slows me down as cars go whizzing past. [1:15:58]

1-12 - Wednesday: 3 miles (roads...I think there were roads under there).  Wasn't going to be a hero and try to do anything significant today during the blizzard, as it wouldn't really be anything quality anyways.  [21:44]. Not much can be gained from slip sliding all over snowy and slick roads around here.  Instead of taking a zero, I went out around 7:00pm or so and did 3 miles up and down Pond St. just so I could avoid putting a zero in the log, but it might as well be...Don't think I touched any pavement the entire run.  Used the Kahtoola microspikes and I was ok.  Not a huge fan of running in the middle of the street though, especially with people trying to drive on snow and ice.  I should have gotten out for a snowshoe run earlier in the day but had to hit the doctors.  I did spend about 60 minutes in the garage trying to fix my treadmill in a last ditch effort to try to get it working so I could hop on it for a little while... no dice.

1-11 - Tuesday: 13.6 miles (roads) Hill workout - Lawrence, MA.  Warmup 2+ miles w/ Chris Healey + 10 x 45 sec hills + down for recovery into 7 minutes at 5k pace into 7 x 30 second hills + down for recovery into 18 minutes of 40 second hills + down + 20 second hills + down (repeat). 55 min. total hills.  Cooldown 2.6 miles w/ Chris Healey and Caroline Bjune.  Pimentel was a NO SHOW. [1:28:00]

1-10 - Monday: 11 miles (roads) with Matt Pimentel and John Hincheon. After we did 10 x short hills. Felt OK. Dr's appointment tomorrow... [1:14:13]


  1. "1-12 - Wednesday: 3 miles "

    You should try snowshoe running. I heard it's pretty fun.

  2. snowshoe running in Salem is like surfing in North Conway...

  3. We don't have surfing, but we have this:

  4. We don't have surfing, but we have this: