Sunday, February 6, 2011

Training 01-31 to 2-06

Wrap Up: 85 miles for the week on all single sessions.  A good week with a long day on Sunday because of only 1 race this weekend.  One very good, fun race, and no complaints with any lingering injuries or illnesses so that's a huge plus.  I'm glad I'm able to get in as many miles as I have been without any indoor running.  The roads and weather have been less than stellar for outdoor training, but I consider the amount of work I'm able to get in, a big win.  If I can carry this type of motivation for mileage into the good weather, I'll be in great shape to move towards some of the longer race distances.  I'd like to keep the same type of mileage up for as long as I can (70+).  I love snow, but I cannot wait until this stuff melts away...we've had WAY too much for one season I think...I forget what a lot of my yard and house used to look like.

02-06 - Sunday: 21 miles (roads) - Salem, NH, Methuen, Pelham, NH, Dracut, Lowell - 16.5 miles from my house to the start of the Super 5k in Lowell, MA.  Made it to the start just about 5 minutes before the start of the race.  Watched the start and then ran around about a mile while waiting for them to come back (loop course).  Waited and watched Mike Quintal run all over a good field and record a VERY solid 5k for February on the wet, sloppy roads.  He will be flirting with low 15s this summer. Mark my words.  DQ was also in the top 10.  Cooled down with DQ, MQ, Joe Morasse, Jose Ortiz, Andie Colon, and Titus Mutinda.  [2:22:00]

02-05 - Saturday: 10.5 miles (roads and snowshoes) - Exeter, NH - 4 mile warmup - road portion w/ TNT crew + snowshoe solo, over first and last part of the course [32:00] + 4+ mile snowshoe race (Exeter Snowshoe Hullabaloo) - 1st OA [37:27] + 2.5 mile cooldown with Tim Cox and one of his high school athletes from Coe Brown [20:00].

02-04 - Friday: 8 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - good clean run.  Roads have zero shoulders plowed but the traffic was not bad.  It was a rather enjoyable run with only a little snow on the roads over the first and last miles. [54:19]  Would have liked to go longer, but I am going to race tomorrow and then try to get in a long run on Sunday.

02-03 - Thursday: 10 miles (roads) - Methuen, Haverhill - snow and ice covered side roads from Whirlaway w/ Mike Quintal.  Slick and slow in spots...I cannot believe I stayed on my feet...we just wandered to stay off of the dangerous main roads so we wandered around down a bunch of side roads, most of which were little loops or dead ends (most of the run was in snow...but no Yaktrax unfortunately).  I thought there would be a good group of guys meeting at Whirlaway at 6pm (or so I heard), but alas it just ended up being a couple of CMS guys...kind of ironic. [1:18:00]

02-02 - Wednesday: 8 miles (roads) - North Salem - Yaktrax run over snowy neighborhood roads with Dave Quintal. DQ saved me by wanting to get some late miles in...I was very close to taking a zero or only running a couple of miles here in the snow... worked all day and then shoveled my ass off and before I knew it, it was getting dark... Dave lives in a nice quiet section of town and we got some good loops in around his neighborhood in the snow w/ the Yaktrax and headlamps... [1:00:00]

02-01 - Tuesday: 16.2 miles (roads) - Derry (Boston Prep) 16 course (plus a little bit at the beginning) with the brothersQuintal. COLD and snowy.  The storm started about 1 minute into our run and by a few miles the roads were basically completely covered.  It snowed like crazy for the rest of the way and my face was frozen...eyelashes were fusing shut..  Overall, slick and slow going in spots, but a good solid run considering what it would have been had we waited until this afternoon.  [2:01:17]

01-31 - Monday: 11.2 miles (roads) - Harris' Pelham Inn loop (solo).  Salem, Methuen, Pelham.  Felt sluggish at the beginning and had a nasty side stitch at two points in the run...very strange.  By halfway, I was feeling better and moving pretty good.  Pretty cold day but the sun was shining bright and there was a decent area on the side of the road to run on, so it was actually a moderately enjoyable run.  Have felt very tired the past week+ with the racing... [1:12:53]. Spent a good deal of time today trying to dig out my garages and other areas of my house and remove snow in anticipation for snowmageddon tomorrow night so now my shoulders and back are a little tweaked.  One brightspot is getting a pair of 313 GTX Terraflys in the mail to test out.  Too bad everything is covered in snow and ice and the trails won't be open for months at this rate...

January: 340.2 Miles / 41:03:40 (this includes a lot of snowshoe racing and running). 10.9 miles per day average, so my goal of 11 miles per day (average) for the year is still looking very good.  Once the warmer months hit, I will have a lot more time and desire to get additional miles in, so being 'close' to the goal in January is a win, especially with the weather we've been getting.

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