Thursday, January 27, 2011

Training 01-24 to 1-30

Wrap Up: 70.5 miles. OK week, lower than I wanted, but I can't complain...the way the snow has piled up around here and the way I've felt all week after 2 hard race efforts (including Derry) last weekend, I am good with the mileage this week.  I kind of needed a little bit of a rest I think, and my body was telling me so.  I don't want to get rundown. I had 2 good races this weekend and was taught a lesson by a much stronger runner on Saturday. A wakeup call that I'll hopefully remember when things get tough again in the snow.  I hope to get a little more miles in this week and maybe a long run mid-week if there are any takers out there that would like to join me...Race writeups to come...

01-30 - Sunday: 10 miles as: 4 mile road warmup w/ DD + snowshoe strides and extended warmup due to a late start of the race [32:00] + Race: Curly's Record Run - Pittsfield, MA [30:56] + 2 mile cooldown on roads w/ Tim Mahoney and DD [17:16].

01-29 - Saturday: 8 miles as: 3 mile road warmup and then snowshoe strides and warming up on the Dions - w/ Kevin Tilton, Charlie T. before Sidehiller, Center Sandwich, NH [24:00] + 4 mile race: Sidehiller Snowshoe Race - Center Sandwich, NH [31:53] + 1 mile cooldown on groomed snowmobile trail (but with trail shoes).

01-28 - Friday: 9 miles (roads) in Andover, MA.  First 5 w/ Dan Verrington, Dave Dunham, and Andy King + another 4 with Andy King [1:08:00].

01-27 - Thursday: 14.5 miles (roads) in Andover, MA.  First 25 minutes solo and some with MQ around Merrimack College campus + 11.2 m loop in Andover w/ Dan Vassallo, MQ, and Chris Healey [1:44:08] The amount of snow piled up out there is amazing...

01-26 - Wednesday: 8 miles (roads) in Salem, Methuen. Didn't even feel like getting out the door today...just a really sluggish, awful day and I felt really tired.  I got to bed late and had a busy work day.  By the time I got out the door, it was getting dark and the snow was starting to fly. I wandered around various weird loops and down streets I've never run down before (most were dead ends).  I wanted to go 10-11 but once I got back past my house, I was right at 8 miles and pulled on in instead of continuing onward.  Better than a zero, but I probably needed a rest day anyways. [54:06]

01-25 - Tuesday: 12.5 miles (roads) in Lawrence, MA - around industrial park roads with Chris Healey for 4+ miles, then hopped in a workout group for relatively easy hills (did the workout with my sister)...didn't really keep track of time intervals...I just kept the watch running and went up and down with her in a range of 60-90 second hills and then some shorter continuous repeats (she had close to 10 miles on her Garmin by the time the workout was over but that included her warmup, so the actual time on the hills was probably closer to 7 miles for me) + the cooldown with a large group of GTD folk.  Just what the doctor ordered after this weekend's hard efforts... some steady running and some hills but not a full fledged workout effort.  [1:30:00]

01-24 - Monday: 8.5 miles (roads) in Andover, MA - from Merrimack College w/ Head Track Coach Matt Pimentel and John Hincheon. Calves still really sore/tight from the weekend... Matt asked me how my legs were from the races and when I told him they were hurting, he took off on us... He'll be in 1:08 shape by New Bedford ....(2012).


  1. yeah, prep course? what time? from school?

  2. 815 am @the school....wait for me because my kids get picked up @ the bus stop @ 8am

  3. when we run tomorrow can you two pass me towards the end so we can reenact the race?

  4. are you talking to me or Andie Colon?