Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Training 01-17 to 1-23

Wrap Up: 81 miles for the week.  2 good races (one snowshoe, one road) and one decent workout (hills and tempo work). I feel pretty good right now. Legs are trashed from the racing this weekend though.  Next couple days will probably be straight mileage at a relatively easy pace to allow me to recover for some more snowshoe activity this coming weekend.  I hope it warms up soon, but I doubt it will...

01-23 - Sunday: 20 miles (roads) - Derry, NH.  2 mile w/up with J.Pawlicki, M.Quintal, A.Colon (15:00) + 16 mile race - Boston Prep 16 Miler - Derry, NH (3rd OA behind Patrick Moulton and Josh Ferenc) (1:32:46) - A BRUISER of a course as anyone who has run it will tell you.  2 mile SLOW cooldown with Andie and Ryan Aschbrenner (16:00).  Legs are beat.

01-22 - Saturday: 11 miles (snowshoes and snow running) - North Conway, NH.  3 mile warmup (including strides) [26:00] w/ Tim Cox and Judson Cake on the course at Whitaker Woods in North Conway + Race: Whitaker Woods 4 Mile Snowshoe Scramble (1st OA) [26:53] + cooldown in shoes but over the course with Tim Cox, Judson Cake, Geoff Cunningham, Dave Dunham, and Paul Bazanchuk, picking up flags and signs.  [45:00].

01-21 - Friday: 8 miles (roads and a snow covered school parking lot) with Matt Pimentel, aka Matt Pimenter, aka Matt Pimental, aka Matt Pimentol - Andover, MA.   [57:56]

For those who haven't seen this on Facebook already... A great video of Bob Dion's racket up in VT:

Snowshoe Maker from WGBY on Vimeo.

01-20 - Thursday: 12 miles (t-mill for 1 mile + walking at my stress test in the morning...all between 12 and 20 percent grade.  The last mile + I was running at a good clip on 20% grade...calling it a mile of total running) + 11 miles (roads) w/ Mike Quintal in N.Andover.  11 by Mike's Garmin. [1:29:02]

01-19 - Wednesday: 12.5 miles (roads). Andover (hill/tempo workout) w/ Merrimack track team. Snowy, icey roads...snowed the entire time.  2 mile warmup + 4 x 4min tempo (5:20 pace) with 1 minute jog in between into 10 x 1 minute hills (90 seconds back down for recovery) + 3 minute run for rest after hills into 4 x 2min tempo (5:20 pace) with 1 minute jog in between + cooldown back to the school. [1:25:21]

Newly posted video from this past weekend's fun out in Albany, NY.

01-18 - Tuesday: 5 miles (snowshoe).  Haverhill (Winni trails) w/ Dave Dunham.  Normally I would be peeved right about now with a 5 mile day, but it was 5 miles on snowshoes in some interesting conditions.  It was basically raining ice and some of the trails were untravelled since all the latest snow we've had... A good solid effort on a horrendous day.  Very tempted to buy a new mill.... [47:00]

01-17 - Monday: 12.5 miles (roads).  1.3 miles (solo) around me casa + 11.2 loop w/ Chris Mahoney - Salem, Methuen, Pelham (Harris' Pelham Inn Loop). COLD! [1:30:00]. Working on race writeups from this weekend, but here's a cool video from some guys out at Greylock on Saturday (not the race footage, but footage of the area).  We saw these guys (and many others) hiking up Greylock with their skis and snowboards....I forget how long they said it took them to get up there, but I think it was LONG.  It seems well worth it though...a good long ride down the Thunderbolt...

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