Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training 01-03 to 1-09

Wrap Up: 85.3 miles for the week on all singles with one day that ended up only being 5 miles instead of the planned 11.2 (which would have given me over 90)... 1 good snowshoe race...Overall, a good week considering my recent problems with my breathing....it is getting better though, which is a great sign.  I feel relatively strong and am glad to be able to put in the miles so far this winter.

01-09 - Sunday: 20 miles (roads) - Dracut, Lowell, Methuen, MA - w/ Joe Donnelly and Ed 'EJ' Hrynowski.  Good solid long run over some pretty killer hills in Dracut.  Joe kept us honest with his Garmin. [2:24:41].  Jason Bui and Jim Rhoades were  NO SHOWS.

01-08 - Saturday: 12 miles (snowshoes) - Pittsfield, MA.  15 min w/up over the last part of the course w/ John Pajer and Steve Wolfe + 10 min on beginning of course (fast).  Then raced the modified Turner Trail snowshoe race (which was called officially the NEMBA MTB Trails Snowshoe Race this year because Turner Trail was in bad condition all week, so they mapped out a new awesome course...who knew they'd get all the snow back by today though...). 5.6 mile race. + 32 min cooldown (ran up the auto road you start on for Curlys - started at about 1200 ft and ran up to 2000 ft (20 minutes) before turning back and coming down in 12 minutes (w/ John Pajer and Tim VanOrden).

01-07 - Friday: 5 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen - crazy day at work.  Had my stuff on to get out the door for my 11+ and got calls.  Couldn't get away.  Then hit up the Celts game w/ Kris.  Pain is back worse than yesterday in my side and and creeping down a bit into my stomach. Not sure what the freak is going on.  I'm OK if I don't breathe.  Celts won big.  Traffic in Boston blows. [33:53]

01-06 - Thursday: 12.5 miles (roads) - Andover MA - from Merrimack College w/ Matt Pimentel, Jon Hincheon, Pat Lawlor.  Mixed it up and ran some new routes. Felt ok. Breathing / chest slightly better. No worse than previous.  Was up and on the phone with a customer until 5am this morning.  Feeling it now...I'll sleep well tonight... [1:31:16]

01-05 - Wednesday: 11.2 miles (roads) - Andover MA - from Merrimack College w/ Dan Vassallo, Jon Healey, Chris Healey.  Nice and easy...breathing OK because of the pace.  Issue is still pretty bad. No worse, but no better.  Not sure about anything intense for a while...could be just a lot of base building for March.  [1:18:55] Side note, the Keenyans' hearts must be heavy today as their own Baker Street maestro passed away yesterday.

01-04 - Tuesday: 14 miles (roads) - hill workout - Lawrence, MA.  1.5 m w/up + 10 x 1 min hills + back down continuous into 9 min tempo away from hill into 12 minutes of 30 second hills + back down continuous into 6 minutes tempo away from hill + 5 x 1 minute hills + back down continuous + 15 min cooldown. - w/ Chris Healey, Kara Haas, Caroline Bjune.  Lung and chest were HORRIBLE from the get go.  I felt 'ok' and a little tired, but it was definitely a good workout.  On the cooldown I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  My chest and lung hurt so bad.  I had a horrendously busy day at work today so I couldn't get a call into my doctor. That will come tomorrow... Total time: [1:30]. Mapped it out on pedometer and it was a tad over 14 total.

01-03 - Monday: 11.1 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen.  First 8.1 (HILLY) w/ DD from my house up Reservior Hill, Pie Hill, and a couple in between + 3 solo after.  Breathing is still a big issue. No deep breaths or I have sharp pains in my sides (more on my right), lower back, shoulders, and now seemingly into my neck.  I have no clue what this is.  Could be a virus or something.  My doctor is back tomorrow and I am scheduling an appointment.  For now, my body feels ok otherwise (i.e. feet, legs, etc) but this thing is a big ? and I'm not liking what I think the answer is. At least I can still waddle the mileage without issue...racing may be a different story.  Talking with DD actually cheered me up a bit (if you can believe that) but I'm still pretty nervous about my upcoming racing and training plans. [1:21:41]


  1. Could be some intercostal inflammation, I had something like this a couple years ago and it sucked, but went away after a couple weeks.

  2. Strained ab muscles from laughing too hard.

  3. Tom, thanks... I'm hoping I'm that lucky!

    Bob, after watching your videos, it just might be...

  4. Great race at Turner, especially considering your back/chest pain. I can only imagine what your winning margin will be in the snowshoe races when you start feeling 100%!

    Hopefully it's just a muscle strain. Good luck with the appointment and hope to see you at Greylock!