Saturday, January 1, 2011


Instead of looking back at the numbers in detail, I think it's more interesting to just look ahead and lay out some goals here that I think I want to focus on for this coming year.  Without even going back too deep to look at my goals from last year or to examine the numbers, I will lay out some of my goals for 2011 and talk about the Mark McGwire said, 'I'm not here to talk about the past'... but I will say that I was happy with 2010 for sure.  I set PRs (30 year old + PRs) in practically every classic distance.

A quick look at my 2010 Running and Racing:

  • Boston Marathon: 2:30:00 (72nd Male / 77th OA)
  • Baystate Marathon: 2:27:33 (7th OA)
  • 5k, 8k, 5M, 10k, 10M, Half Marathon, 20M, Marathon, 50k Trail - all 30+ year old PRs.
  • 28 total wins out of 64 races
  • 64 races (a record for me in 1 year)
  • 2 snowshoe series wins (GSSS and WMAC/Dion)
  • Epic NH State Snowshoe Championship (Tie for first w/ Kevin Tilton)
  • 2nd OA in the USATF-NE Mountain Series
  • 2nd OA in the WMAC Grand Tree Series
  • 2nd OA in the Seacoast Road Race Series
  • Won Eastern States 20 Miler
  • PR at Mt. Washington and my first sub 1:10 (1:08:49)
  • Gold Medal - Team (was 3rd man) - USA Mountain Running Championships (Mt. Washington)
  • Ran my first ultra (50k trail) - Pisgah 50k
  • Cashed at Cigna
  • Finished 2nd in the CMS internal GP $$$ (Greg Hammett - 1st)
  • Won a race and set a CR on my Wedding Day!
  • 3486.5 Miles Run in 2010 (a new high).

  • Awful Snowshoe Nationals (hardest race I've done)
  • Loon - went from winning it in 2009, to getting smoked and running a couple min. slower in 2010
  • Market Square Day - my favorite race. Went from 3rd place money finish in 2009 to 7th in 2010
  • Getting outgunned at Savoy (3rd race in 4 days for me in August)
  • Getting outgunned at Race to the Top of VT (although the winner deserved every bit of that win)
  • Stowe 8 Miler - didn't even score for the team, ran awful
With all that said, it does help me focus on what I need to do in 2011 and beyond.  I didn't want to get too deep into each month by month detail in 2010 like I've done before because I plan on doing more work and quality in 2011, so it isn't worth me going back and pondering the miles run, days off, etc.  2011 will be the year I go after it and figure out if I'm still able to do the things I've been thinking about for the past few years now.  

Running/Racing/Personal Goals for 2011:
  • Run more miles than 2010 (finished with 3486.5). I'd like to try for 4000.
  • Podiuim finish or win both GSSS and WMAC Dion series.
  • Podium finish or win Northeast Snowshoe Federation Cup
  • Score in the 10 at US National Snowshoe Championship
  • Finish in the top 3 at US Nationals 50k Road
  • Run faster at Boston Marathon than in 2010
  • PR at Mt. Washington
  • Podium finish at USATF-NE Mountain Series
  • Top 10 at US Mountain Running Championships
  • Run more trail races (GT and National Championships)
  • Run a couple more 50k trail races
  • Do my first 50 Miler
  • Get and USE a road bike to supplement my running during the warmer months and use an indoor trainer for the colder months.
  • Do more speed/interval training (i.e. occasional structured workouts)
  • Focus on improving my diet and workout routine
  • Move to a more running-friendly area and get out of the Merrimack Valley area.
  • Keep up with preventative physical therapy/massage sessions
  • Pay closer attention to stretching/icing and pre-post running routines to prevent injury
Sounds easy enough doesn't it?  Good luck to everyone out there with their goals this year.  I hope to see everyone out on the roads, happy and healthy!


  1. The Valley RULES, you will not find a more "runner friendly" place in the world.

  2. you're right...the valley does rule....the MOUNT WASHINGTON VALLEY!

  3. Valley? Moving? Boulder Valley?

    Happy New Year Jim. Great year in 010 and all the best to you and yers in the next.

  4. My wife loves the yellow flowers with the yellow background... Good Luck in 2011!

  5. Best Wishes! And Happy Happy 2011 Goals.