Sunday, December 26, 2010

Training 12-20 to 12-26

Wrap Up: 84.8 miles for the week on all singles.  One good solid race (snowshoe). It's great to be back in the shoes again!  Tons of snow out in Woodford made for a great kickoff to the 2010-2011 season.  Race report to follow.  It looks like this week will incorporate some difficult weather into the schedule...I may look to run some additional snowshoe miles now that we are currently getting slammed with the blizzard of the year here in the Northeast.  Great job to all the guys who ventured to Woodford and to BU this weekend.  There were some really great times and PRs all over the joint.  Mahoney in the 3k (and rocked a mile too), Fyffe in the Mile, etc.  Good to see the guys stepping up early in the season... Looking forward now to 2011 and new goals.  One last huge thanks to J.Ferenc for blowing off gave me a better shot at winning that thing...

12-26 - Sunday: 10 miles (snowshoe) - Woodford, VT. 40 Min or so from parking lot over to the course to flag it w/ DD before the race.  Then raced (20:28 - New CR) - 1st OA - Then cooldown immediately over the course again w/ DD in somewhere around 26-27 minutes or so... Not quite sure.  9 miles of snowshoeing on the day for somewhere around 87:00 of total running.

12-25 - Saturday: 10 miles (roads) - Haverhill/Bradford/Groveland, MA with Verrington, Dunham, M.Quintal. Just about 10 miles, but with the snow/ice and trails + constant adjusting trying to find routes and trails that went for more than 100 yards without some obstruction, calling it 10. MQ had 9.8 on his Garmin and I mapped it out and it's right. Contrary to the time (which looks more like a 12 miler), the snow and trails made it slower than normal.

This run was labelled as potentially the 'Twelve Miles of Christmas' beforehand, but it was more like 'The Plight-mare Before Christmas' or 'Homeless for the Holidays' as we scampered through the skid row sections of town... I haven't seen this much graffiti since the Breakin' movies.   This is [the route] without the exact entry and exit points of the long stretch of trail on 97/113 along the river before downtown. I kept the route on the street instead. It's a negligible difference. The rest is accurate. Enjoyable run regardless of having to pick broken glass and needles out of my shoes afterwards... It's fun to wander around and explore new places, rather than do the same old route all the time. [1:24:07]. Merry Christmas!

12-24 - Friday: 14 miles (roads) - Haverhill/Bradford, MA w/ Verrington, King, & the Quintals. First 10 roads and snow/ice covered trails + last 4 solo. Wore the slickest, flattest road trainers available, and we go snow and ice. [1:40:21]. Chris Mahoney was a no-show. Tomorrow, for those interested, we meet once again at Dan Verrington's house at 7am for 'The Twelve Miles of Christmas' exploratory run on the Haverhill Rail/River trail.  Same drill as want to meet us and need directions, give me a shout...

12-23 - Thursday: 10 miles (roads) - Haverhill, MA w/ Chris Mahoney and Heather Maho...I mean Searles.  Nice and easy...locked into Heather's patented 7:21 pace.  She tried to lose us on the way back, but Chris told me to 'show her who's boss' and we dropped her over the last couple miles.  I am shocked to say that nothing is bothering me right now except idiots from Mass cutting through our town to go shopping to save a couple cents [1:13:25].  Tomorrow, for those interested, we meet at Dan Verrington's at 7am SHARP (no 5 minute rule)... We'll go roads and somewhere between 75 min to 105 min.  Email, text, call, fb msg me, or reply to this post if you need his address...or, if you know it, show up for the run!

12-22 - Wednesday: 17.6 miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, N.Salem. Arlington Mills Reservoir loop from my house. Solo. Nice and steady. Snow squalls the whole time.  Last mile was really slippery on the way back up to the house.  Timed it just right, as the sidewalks were starting to get white as I hit the last mile. [1:58:18].

12-21 - Tuesday: 12 miles (roads) - In Andover, MA from Merrimack College w/ Matt Pimentel and Jon & Chris Healey. Good run from neighborhood to neighborhood, staying off the main streets.  Roads were pretty clear. [1:23:43]. Check out this very cool vid of Anton and his winter routine (lifted from GZ's post from yesterday). Another good vid I saw yesterday after returning from the New Balance factory and hopping on their website...interesting to see the line of NB Minimus prototypes and listen to the story behind the concept... Speaking of these minimalistic trail shoes...just wait for the 2011 Inov-8 lineup...some very interesting kicks coming our way courtesy of those guys...

12-20 - Monday: 11.2 miles (roads) - Harris' Pelham Inn loop from my house (Salem, Methuen, Pelham). This is a great run over into Pelham and up around the hills in back of the Inn. Took it out nice and slow and eased into it. Felt really good..nice and smooth. Thought I was taking it easy until I started hitting all the usual spots about 1-2 minutes faster than normal. I got to the Pelham town line 1:30 faster than I normally do and hit the hills up behind the Inn nice and steady. Didn't pick it up on the way back (like I usually do), just held it steady. Started flurrying on the way back. Left hip/lower abdomen was a little tight (like it was yesterday) late into the run..not sure what it is, but it's not too bad (yet). The fact that I actually have a problem on my LEFT side for once is amazing. Nate Talk on Letsrun... Good publicity or bad...seems a lot of people have an opinion on Nate and what he does... which means people know who Nate is... which means he's done something right, doesn't it?  There is no 'doublej' talk on Let's Run.  If I ran a 2:14 and came in 7th at the trials, there would be.  I hate haters. [1:10:36]


  1. I try to stay away from that site. Everyone thinks someone is a doper, cheater, overrated, underachiever, washed up, etc. Site stinks.

  2. Never hit Letsrun ... and when I do I need a full shower afterwards.

  3. People who have negative things to say about Nate, Really are saying more about themselves than Nate. The guy is about as nice as they come.

  4. The warm-down loop at Woodford took us 28:03.