Sunday, December 19, 2010

Training 12-13 to 12-19

Wrap Up: 87 miles for the week, which is a big step in the right direction.  The foot moved in the right direction, but then started to bother me again on Saturday/Sunday.  I got through it and will watch it closely this week.  We are supposed to get some weather early in the week, so we'll see how many miles I can squeeze in.  2 great trail runs w/ two crews of 9 guys each on Sat/Sun.  This is probably the last weekend I'll be able to do this for a long time, as the snowshoe season kicks off next weekend. It will be good to get back to racing again.  I have been stuck at 63 races for the year (which ties last year's totals), but next weekend will give me 64, which will be a new high for me for races in one year.  This doesn't include any 'weekly' series races at all.  Since I had a relatively slow November and December, race-wise', it will leave it wide open for me to surpass this total next year (if I don't get injured!).

12-19 - Sunday: 20 miles (trails) River trail run with Verrington, Dunham, M.Quintal, D.Quintal, Pat Ard, Jon Healey, Chris Healey, Matt Pimentel.  3.5 loop w/ MQ and DV + 12 out and back w/ the crew + additional 4.5 with DV and Patrick.  Good solid run. Warmer than yesterday.  Had some achillies issues later in the run and was pretty stiff (hips and lower back) by the end.  It may have been due to all the surges MQ was putting in on the way back.  That kid has begun his Cranmore training already. [2:27:05]

12-18 - Saturday: 13 miles (trails) in Winni (Haverhill) with Dan Verrington, Dave Dunham, Dave LaPierre, Ken Tripp, Steve Peterson, Mark Kimball, Mike Quintal, Dave Quintal [1:32:26].  An All Star cast for the ages:

Dan Verrington: 1996 - Vermont City Marathon - 2:21:10 / 1993 - New Bedford Half - 1:05:32
Dave Dunham: 1990 - Columbus Marathon - 2:19:28 / 1993 - New Bedford Half - 1:05:02
Steve Peterson: 8 Sub 1:10 Mt. Washington's - 1:08:01 PR (1991)
Dave Lapierre: 1:08:45 Mt. Washington (1991)
Mark Kimball: 9:10 2-Mile in H.S. D1 All American in XC @ BU. Too many CRs/PRs to list
Ken Tripp: Always 'plans' to race... 2:40:28 Baystate (2010) as a newly-turned master.
Dave Quintal: D2 XC All American (1983) - 30:22 10K / 14:38 5k @ UML.
Mike Quintal: 15:47 @ Cigna (2010) 39:39 12k @ Bedford (2010) Smoked me at Stowe (2010)

12-17 - Friday: 8 miles (trails) in Winni with Dave Dunham (nice and slow for me, all out for him).  Achillies flared up again right out of the gate... not good.  Looking forward to seeing the results from the Mini Meet tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing C.Mahoney, J.Healey, and some other CMS mates all go under 8:40 in the 3k. Also hoping to get in some good runs this weekend w/ the boys (with or without the cooperation of my right foot!) [56:56].

12-16 - Thursday: 11.2 miles (roads) with Dan Vassallo, MQ, and the Brothers-Healey. From Merrimack in Andover over the typical loop.  MQ pushed the pace as usual, but for the most part we took it pretty easy and smooth. [1:16:14].  This is brilliant!

12-15 - Wednesday: AM: 6.5 miles (roads) with Judge Jones from the court house up into N. Salem and back down. [49:00] PM: 9 Miles (trails) in Haverhill (Winni) - 1 x basin loop (solo) + 8 out and back w/ Dave Dunham.  Kinda cold out. [1:04:55] Total: 15.5.

12-14 - Tuesday: 9.5 miles (roads) - Whirlaway loop from my house, up into Methuen, west parish Haverhill, and then back down past Whirlaway and back up through The Loop to my house.  It made me think of the warmer days of the summer Thursday night loop from the store.  That is a good run.  This was meant to be run 1 of 2 for the day (as I did this one early) but I couldn't get back out the door in time for the second run, as work got CRAZY later in the day. Foot felt better than it has since before Baystate.  That's a great sign.  I think I'm still recovering from Sin City though...still very tired....[1:02:04]

12-13 - Monday: 10 miles (trails) - The rivah trail in Andover, MA.  A little muddy at the entrance, but the rest was pleasantly clear and not too wet.  Didn't see any animals in there because there aren't any in Andover or anywhere around here. But if you want to see some cool animals, check this out.  Foot feels better than it has in over a month. A couple days off was probably just what I needed. I still have pain, especially on the climbs, but it's getting better and that's a great sign.  Glad to be back and able to run outside.  4 days in Vegas feels like an eternity if you like running and living a (relatively) healthy lifestyle...[1:08:41]