Sunday, December 12, 2010

Training 12-06 to 12-12

Wrap Up: 48 miles on 5 days running with 2 days off due to travel. I had a good start to the week and then knew it would be tough to be able to run around my busy weekend schedule in Las Vegas.  Seeing this was a work function, I couldn't get away for any quality sessions, and even if I could, the location is not particularly 'running-friendly'... The good news is that my foot is feeling much better.  There are still issues with pain and tightness, but it appears to be getting a lot better.

12-09 - Sunday - 0 miles.  This was a complete was of a day, travel-wise... I was up at 4am, at the airport at 5:30ish, flight at 6:30am into NC.  1 hour or so between flights.  Funny thing was being on the same flight back to Manchester, NH as Kevin Alliette (NBB), who was coming back from XC Nationals.  I met him in the terminal in NC as he was on standby to get on the flight.  I talked to the people at the gate, the flight attendants, and the pilots, but contrary to my suggestion that they keep him grounded at the aiport, they let him on the plane anyways :)... Got home a little after 6pm and it was pouring rain, windy, and just plain crappy outside.  Couple that with me being completely wiped out, and it resulted in another rest day.

12-09 - Saturday - 0 miles. Day 2 of the conference and I was hurting BADLY for most of the day (after a night of god knows what). I had to give a little presentation and I had to sit in sessions from the crack of dawn until the evening.  Good news is that I had my pockets stuffed with winnings from the hazy early morning blackjack... I may have gotten 20 minutes of sleep before having to begin the day.  This was essentially expected though.

12-09 - Friday - 5 miles (treadmill) - quite frankly, I'm shocked I got a run in in Vegas.  There is absolutely ZERO place to run on or around the strip.  There is little to no access to the actual streets, and the sidewalks are filled with drunks and hookers.  I was able to dash out of the conference at 5:45 (after the day begins at 6am)...I missed dinner to get the short run in.  The gym was nice (obviously) but hot as hell.  I had all I could do to get this run in without passing out.  I kept increasing the pace just to get the run over with.  Then it was out for a LONG night... [33:08]

12-09 - Thursday - 6 miles (roads) - quick/short run in before heading to the airport [41:23]

12-08 - Wednesday - 11 miles (roads and trails) - from Andover HS to Dan's work then to the bird sanctuary (2 loops) at Phillips with DV, then back through Spring Grove and back to the HS + one lap around the school. [1:17:09].

12-07 - Tuesday - 15 miles (2)
- 5 Miles (roads) - solo. Salem, Methuen [34:21]
- 10 Miles (trails) - 3 basin bangs w/ DD + 5 loop in Winni w/ DD and Verrington + additional castle loop with DV [1:10:50]

12-06 - Monday - 11 miles (trails) - Winni trails (Haverhill). First 3 basin bangs solo + 1 basin loop w/ DD + the 5 loop with DD and Dan Verrington + 2 additional miles up to the castle w/ DV [1:16:47]

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