Saturday, December 4, 2010

The slate of USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) National Championship races for the 2011 season has been announced out of the USATF Annual Meeting this weekend down in Virginia.  The races look like this (in order of distance):

10K Trail: Continental Divide Trail Race - Laurel Springs, NC - 8/27 (also awarded for 2012)
Mountain: Mt.Cranmore Hillclimb - North Conway, NH - 6/26
1/2 Marathon Trail: Footzone Dirty Half - Bend, OR - 6/12
50K Road: Caumsett 50K - Huntington, NY - 3/6 (also awarded for 2012, 2013)
50K Trail: Flagline 50K - Bend, OR - 9/24
50 Mile Road: Tussey MountainBack - Rothrock State Forest, PA - 10/23
50 Mile Trail: Nueces 50 Mile - Rocksprings, TX - 3/5
100K Road: Mad City 100K - Madison, WI - 4/9
100K Trail: Bandara 100K - Bandera, TX - 1/8 (also awarded for 2012)
100 Mile Road: Burning River 100 Mile - Cleveland-Akron, OH - 7/30-7/31 (also awarded for 2012)
24 Hour Road: North Coast 24 Hr - Cleveland, OH - 9/17-9/18

I'm no ultra expert just yet, but apparently the 100 Mile 'Road' championship is the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run which is actually '75% trails' according to the website.  Not that I'm planning on doing any 100 milers any time soon, but I just thought that was interesting.  I'm looking forward to the 50k road and the Mountain championships.  I'll 'think' about maybe 1 of the other ones like maybe the Flagline 50, but we'll see.  The 10k trail race sounds like it could be reckless, but the videos I saw from last year of the race looked like the course was pretty challenging and it spread out a lot more than you'd think a shorter trail race would.  I was kind of looking forward to a trail marathon again, but the Lithia Loop didn't bid this year.

Lastly, the Mt. Washington Road Race will be the 2012 USA Mountain Running Championship and selection race for the 2012 US Mountain Running Team.

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