Sunday, December 5, 2010

Training 11-29 to 12-05

Wrap Up: 50.9 Miles total with one day off due to this nagging foot issue.  I took a couple of 6 mile days and 8 mile days so the total was low, but not horrendous for me at this time of year.  I'm still struggling with this cold as well.  This coming week I am going to try to get back to basics.  Felt good to get a nice Mill Cities leg in again after a couple years off from it.  Good times.

12-05 - Sunday: 12.1 Miles (roads) - Nashua, Hudson, NH, Tyngsboro, Lowell, MA. - warmup (4 Miles +) before Mill Cities Relay with strides (30:00) + 5.6 Miles (leg 1 of relay) - (29:30) + 2.5 mile leg from Tyngsboro to Lowell with Dan Vassallo as a cooldown (18:45) - 12.1 miles at 1:18:15 total time.

12-04 - Saturday: 6.6  Miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen - solo. The old winter loop I used to do back during my first winter back running...depressing.  Another day down, another run wasted on the roads around here. Ankle is horrible.  I can't flex my toes in my shoe or my ankle just throbs with pain...Tomorrow is the MCR (which I shouldn't have agreed to do, but I had to drop out at the last minute last year due to an injury, so I can't pull the same thing this year)...I'm going to try to help the team out, but it may not be pretty.  My leg is 5.6 miles (1st leg).  That gives us 4 more legs after mine to be able to squeak out the win...and with Danny Vassallo pulling rank on the field in the 9.5 mile leg, I'm sure we'll have enough to be right up there, even if I blow up.  Oh yeah, did I mention I'M STILL SICK.

12-03 - Friday: 8.1 Miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - solo.  Ankle still bad, not any worse, maybe a bit better? Not really sure.  Still really sick...hacking up a lung on the run.  Killing Joke on the Ipod drove me home close to a minute faster than yesterday...also ran in the dark w/ headlamp...53:05

12-02 - Thursday: 8.1 Miles (roads) - Salem, Methuen, Haverhill - solo.  Ankle still bad, not any worse.  Still really sick.  Worst headcold I've had in a long time...54:02

12-01 - Wednesday: 6 Miles (roads, trails, and grass fields) - Salem with Judge Jones from courthouse.  Achillies really bad again.  Very sick... 45:30

11-30 - Tuesday: 0 Miles. Feel horrible and my ankle is terrible. Taking a needed day down otherwise I won't make MCR this weekend...

11-29 - Monday: 10 Miles (roads) - North Salem, Derry, NH w/ Dave Quintal (headlamp run).  Achillies really bad tonight. 'Moulton+5' (aka 1:10:00).

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