Monday, November 22, 2010

Training 11-22 to 11-28

Wrap Up: 61 Miles with a couple of short 5,6 days.  Not a bad week considering... I really like to get 70 at least, but not the way things have been going and not the way I only run singles... I've been pretty sick this week w/ a throat issue and some congestion... couple that with my foot issues that have kept me from racing,  and I've just felt disconnected.  It was good to get back out there and race this week (twice).  I lost to two great runners in the span of 4 days but was competitive in those races, even if the times weren't that fast.  Looking forward to 2011 and getting the early part of the winter out of the way...November/early December is always a time where I pop up with some sort of ailment, miss days, put on lbs, and almost turn back into my old self.  Am I the only one? ;)

Weekly Mileage: 61.2
Monthly Mileage: 228 (heading for a year-low for a monthly total)...
YTD Mileage: 3147.7

11-28 - Sunday: 10 Miles (roads and grass) - Andover, MA.  3 mile warmup w/ CMS contingent (roads) before the Andover Country Club XC race (~24:00) plus .5 strides and warming up before the race + 3.5M XC race (18:21) + 3 mile cooldown w/ CMS boys (roads) (~24:00).

11-27 - Saturday: 10 Miles (trails) - Andover, MA.  The rivah once again. This time I wasn't messing around.  32:50 out, 31:43 back. 1:04:33. I wonder how many more times I can run that trail before I go insane.  Not a bad run considering I got faced last night... feet felt better today than they have in months.  Good sign.  Leaves on the hills really slow things down...

11-26 - Friday: 5 Miles - roads in Salem, Methuen.  Solo.  Got in an easy run before heading off to my 15 year class reunion (Wakefield H.S.) 35:19.  November is going to end up being an official wash...rebuilding month...etc.

L-R: Mike Khachadoorian (Hurdles, Sprints), Brian Burns (soccer), JJ (distance, mid-distance, xc, hurdles), Matt Sullivan (distance, mid-distance, xc, eating my dust).

11-25 - Thursday: 10 Miles - ~ 4 mile warmup before Derry Turkey Trot + 5k race (16:01 / 2nd OA) + 5k cooldown.  Warmed up solo over some of the course + some other roads around the lake in Derry, NH.  Needed to loosen up the achillies and the foot a little bit more than usual to be able to race.  Haven't raced since the beginning of the month and I felt really flat and tight over a relatively slow course.  Race writeup to come.  Cooled down over the course w/ Pete Najem and another guy from BU.

11-24 - Wednesday: 6Miles at Winni in Haverhill (trails). 3 basin bangs solo + 3 w/ DD.  Was going to do another 5 w/ DV and DD but cut it short. Achillies wasn't feeling that great.

11-23 - Tuesday: 10Miles at Winni in Haverhill (trails).  2 basin bangs w/ DD + 5 loop with Verrington and DD + 3 solo basin bangs in the dark. Nice and easy (when isn't it nice and easy with these guys?)...1:13:50.

11-22 - Monday: 10 Miles in the river trail very very easy (1:18).  Slowest run in a while, but felt good as my quads were still a bit sore from Saturday's long run up in NH w/ Kevin Tilton.  Gonna continue to take it easy and will race 'somewhere' on Thursday (haven't raced in a couple weeks) for fun and then most likely this weekend just for something to do...I am stalled out at 60 races for the year and can still overtake my total from 2009 of 63 with a couple more this month and then some snowshoe action starting in December.  I will not be shelling out $30 for the usual Thanksgiving race I've been running, which is just too much for a VERY congested 5k/5M with no prize money...It's time for a change of pace...


  1. I always have "the fever." I also had a bunch of those north shore singlets in my garage for years.

  2. That race pic from Verrington is in North Andover.

  3. It also looks like DD is on his way to meet George, Elaine and Kramer at the diner.