Friday, August 6, 2010

York Days 5k

This past Sunday saw action back up in the Seacoast Series.  It was my 3rd run at the York Days 5k (results) in York, ME.  In the past 2 years I've been 1st and 2nd (last year behind John Mentzer).  I like this race.  The course is very nice, winding through neighborhoods right around the area near York High School (where it starts and ends). It comes out to the beach around mile 2.5 and you get to see some nice seaside views before heading back into the high school.

It was a very nice day to be
out along the water and I warmed up solo over the course at about 7:15am (it's an early 8am start time).  I had already seen John Mentzer (last year's winner) and knew Bob Wiles (CMS) wasn't going to make it, so I was thinking 2nd place all the way.

As the gun went off, I found myself out in an early lead over the first quarter mile or so (with the exception of the first 50 yards led by Bob Wiles' buddy, Al Fernald).  As we made our way out onto the main road, John was right beside me and 2 younger runners were right in the mix.  Not too long after, they actually went by me and I found myself briefly in 4th place (technically).  That didn't last all that long, as John started to push around a half mile or so into the race and I followed suit.  By mile 1, John had a few second lead on me (the first mile has got some steady, mild climbing).  As we turned onto the next main road, John pulled away. There is some downhill section here and then the steepest uphill section of the course before a very nice downhill to mile 2.  In this section I was completely in no-mans-land.  John pulled away and I was safely in 2nd place.

I hit 2 miles and started to look up to spot John no further ahead than the previous half mile.  Over the next half mile I actually closed a little bit on him as we neared the section of the course that comes out onto the ocean. As I took the turn out onto the strip along the beach, John was about 15-20 seconds up on me and he looked really strong.  I felt pretty good and knew I was still running fast, if not faster than my previous 2 miles.  The course goes by fast and I really pushed the last bit up towards the high school to try to salvage a descent time, but I wasn't killing it by any means. I felt in control and smooth, as I had on the warmup, which never happens.  There was no 3 mile marker (or if there was, I just missed it).  In the end, I came in 2nd overall, again, for the 2nd year in a John Mentzer, again.  The brightside is that I ran much faster this year than the last 2 years.

Top 10 Overall

1John Mentzer     33PORTSMOUTH NH 15:054:52
2Jim Johnson      33SALEM NH 15:274:59
3Erik Travis      26LEE NH 16:235:17
4Brandon Gerrish  18LEBANON ME 16:245:17
5Alex Moser18YORK  ME 16:485:25
6Chris Ritchie    27HAMPTON NH 17:025:29
7Michael Girouard 40READING MA 17:085:31
8John Gagnon      43LEWISTON ME 17:165:34
9David Harrow     25PORTSMOUTH NH 17:315:39
10Jarrett Ross     16ASHBY MA 17:345:40

781 Total Finishers.

My history at this race:

YearTimePace Place

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