Monday, July 12, 2010

USATF-NE Mountain Series Final Standings

It was a tight race for 2nd OA in the USATF-New England Mountain Running Series for 2010.  Eric Blake (BAA) 'ran' away with the OA title, but it came down to mere seconds (5 to be exact) for the 2nd place spot in the standings.  I'm happy to say that Kevin Tilton (CMS / Inov-8) was gracious enough to not run 5 seconds faster than he did at Ascutney this weekend, to allow me to 'suck out' a last minute push to 2nd place.  Going into the last race of the series, Kevin had 390.88 total points to my 480.56, but in the 'best of' rankings, he had me by 2.94 points (390.88 to 387.94).  Going into Ascutney, I had to make up those 2.94 points and figured there was no way I could do that, especially with Ascutney being an ascent-only course (right in Kevin's wheelhouse)...  I'll have a race write-up by mid to late week on Ascutney, but I got it done and somehow picked up 3.17 points to actually move ahead in the OA rankings.  Even though Kevin beat me head-to-head in 4 of the 5 races we ran against each other, my :59 second lead on him at Ascutney combined with my points picked up at Northfield (a race he didn't run) gave me the edge I needed in the 'Best 5' standings and earned me the $150 2nd place prize money...  More on this when I get around to posting my race writeup (and maybe a series writeup)...

Total Points tally can be viewed here.

Top 10 Men OA (CMS in blue)

PlNameCatTeamBest 5Total PointsFinishes
1Eric Blake20-39BAA5005005
2Jim Johnson20-39CMS480.56572.886
3Kevin Tilton20-39CMS480.33480.335
4Todd Callaghan40-49GCS463.52550.546
5Tim Mahoney20-39CMS448.92530.226
6Dave Dunham40-49CMS431.99465.656
7Michael Robinson00-19GDTC403.1477.736
8Domingo Elias20-39BAA398.16469.486
9Paul Bazanchuk50-59WMM392.51457.396
10Thor Kirleis40-49Goon Squad388.52461.496

Eric Blake1001001000100100
Jim Johnson97.7396.993.7999.5292.6292.32
Kevin Tilton097.9198.0410094.9389.45
Todd Callaghan93.3494.0488.4494.8592.8587.02
Tim Mahoney94.1690.9786.1990.8686.7481.3
Dave Dunham33.6682.4383.788.1689.688.1
Michael Robinson83.2982.9779.3181.1374.6376.4
Domingo Elias8382.1378.3977.5377.1171.32
Paul Bazanchuk82.4482.7464.8879.4374.7373.17
Thor Kirleis81.6479.2878.176.3372.9773.17

Looks like 192 different men ran in the series this year.  There were 105 Mountain Goats (runners who ran all 6 races) combined (men and women).  The photo of this hearty crew is below...  courtesy of Ken Skier - Mountain Goat Photo taken just before the Mt. Ascutney Hillclimb, Windsor, VT - 7/11/10.

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  1. Congrats on your 2nd place finish in the series. To be sandwiched between Blake and Tilton, two trail monsters, is impressive. Now that the series is over it'll be good to have you back on the roads for the rest of the USATF Grand Prix.