Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Update - First Quarter

The first quarter of the year is done and now we take a quick look back...then a long look ahead....

Training Recap:

MonthMilesTimePaceDays Off
March:341.8 Mi39:56:007:01 / Mi0
February:227.8 Mi26:41:197:02 / Mi5*
January:295.8 Mi35:54:197:17 / Mi0

*The 5 days off in February were due to having my wisdom teeth pulled.  I took the entire week off (having the surgery on a Monday).

The pace per mile above includes everything...snowshoe running and racing, road running and racing, warmups and cooldowns, etc.

Racing Recap:

Month# of Races

Race Type# of Races

Wins: 14
PRs: 2 (Half Marathon and 10 Miler + 10 Mile split through my Half)

States Raced In: 4 (NH, MA, NY, ME)

Races by State:
NH - 9*
MA - 7
NY - 3
ME - 1*

* Eastern States 20 Miler was both in ME and NH.

Race Recaps

01-01 - 1st of 162 - Peanut Butter Chip Chase (5k) - Temple, NH - [16:36 / 5:22 pace]
01-02 - 1st of 90 - 
Beaver Brook (5k) - Hollis, NH - [15:48 / 5:33 pace]
01-09 - 1st of 77 - Turner Trail (4.3M) - Pittsfield, MA - [ 45:10 / 9:02 pace]
01-16 - 1st of 122 - Greylock Glen (3.9M) - Adams, MA - [ 25:31/ 6:42 pace]
01-17 - 1st of 134 - Brave the Blizzard (3.8M) - Guilderland, NY - [24:44 / 6:41 pace]
01-23 - 1st of 82 - Pooh Hill Snowshoe Scramble (8k?) - East Madison, NH - [34:02 / 6:50 pace]
01-24 - 1st of 96 - Curly's Record Run (4M) - Pittsfield, MA - [28:54 / 7:13 pace]
01-30 - 3rd of 91 - Sidehiller (4M) - Center Sandwich, NH - [31:25]
02-13 - 2nd of 311 - Bradford Valentine 5 Miler (5M) - Bradford, MA - [26:46 - 5:22 pace]
02-14 - 1st of 120 - Frosty's Dash (5k) - Atkinson, NH - [15:29 / 5:21]
02-20 - 1st of 46 - Horse Hill 7k Snowshoe Race (7k) - Merrimack, NH - [27:07 / 6:15 pace]
02-21 - 1st of 85 - Hallockville Orchard (3.8M) - West Hawley, MA
02-28 - 20th of 691 - DH Jones 10 Miler (10M) - USATF-NE GP 10 Mile Championship - Amherst, MA 
03-06 - 14th of 131 -  U.S. National Snowshoe Championship (10K) - Syracuse, NY
03-07 - 1st of 19 - U.S. National Snowshoe Championship (Relay) - Syracuse, NY
03-13 - 1st of 102 - Spring Ahead 3 Miler (3M) - Concord, NH - [14:54 / 4:58 pace]
03-14 - 1st of 34 - Granite State Snowshoe Championship (10k) - Gorham, NH***
03-21 - 14th of 2309 - New Bedford Half Marathon (13.1M) - USATF-NE GP Half Marathon Championship - New Bedford, MA - [1:10:07 / 5:22 pace]
03-28 - 1st of 705 - Eastern States 20 Miler (20M) - Salisbury, MA - [1:57:33 / 5:53 pace]

I also am pleased to have won both the Granite State Snowshoe Series and the WMAC/Dion Snowshoe Series for 2010.  For my efforts in the Granite State Series, Mr. Dunn awarded me free entry once again to the races for next year (which is an awesome prize I must say)...and for the Dion series, Dion Snowshoes gave me another new pair of the 121 racing frames with a new pair of the secure-fit bindings and another pair of the much needed Ice Cleat.

It's only a matter of time now, with the weather getting better and the Mountain Series beginning next month, for me to really start rockin' my all time favorite pair of shoes again....My Inov-8 f-lite 230s.   I ran countless races in these last year from the 2 mile roads, to 5ks on the track and roads, all the way up to a half marathon road and even Mount Washington, Mt. Mansfield, and Ascutney.....I wore my first pair clean out.  I picked up a new pair recently and I can't wait to get into the groove (post-Boston) and really start having fun...

The boys below from Run the Ultras did a very detailed video review of my favorite shoe back in's worth a look.

Looking ahead to the second quarter of 2010, I have the Boston Marathon, some SRRS races starting up (including my favorite 2, Market Square Day and the Redhook 5k), a few other fun road and trail races, 5 of the 6 mountain series races, and the Mount Washington Road Race.  It is most definitely the most exciting part of the year for sure!


  1. JJ,

    Congrats on your awesome first quarter -- AMAZING!

    I'm totally sold on the Inov-8s ... having a tough time finding them even online ... I live in NYC and thought I'd be able to go out and get a pair in the city, but doesn't look good. Also on that note ... since I'll be ordering them online without trying them on ... do they tend to fit true to size? I like a bit of room in the toe box. I usually wear a 9.5 in Asics, but think maybe I should got with a 10 in Inov-8s?

    Thanks and congrats again!

    Michael C

  2. Thanks Michael. I appreciate you checkin' out the blog.

    Inov-8 retailers can be found/searched on from here (if you haven't seen this already):

    You may be able to find a store near you that has them (there are a few in there from NY and NJ)...not sure how close they are.

    Otherwise, it would be from or from another online retailer like zombierunner.

    As for the sizes, I found that the sizes are pretty darn close to what I wear in adidas or other shoes. I 'may' lean towards maybe a half size smaller (i.e. I have 9's in every other shoe, but may be able to get away with an 8.5 in the inov-8s)... but then again, it is just me.

    There IS an Inov-8 size chart here:

    I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it does show that the sizes are a bit different between US and UK.

    Hope this helps!