Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bradford Valentine 5 Miler

Saturday I threw it back down in Bradford, MA (Haverhill) at the 19th Annual Bradford Valentine 5 Miler (results) and settled for a ho-hum performance yet again.  I'm just in a general funk with all the snowshoe races being cancelled/postponed/turned into trail/road races due to lack of snow in the area.  I'm lacking some motivation and I haven't done any 'speed' work to speak of (which is typical for the snowshoe season).  I really don't have any turnover at all in my legs right now.  The wheels are a little rusty, and it felt like it today.  I felt strong cardio-wise (as the snowshoe racing I have done, makes me a bit stronger), but as far as the turnover to react to any moves, or maintain a decent clip, just isn't there.  A week off due to getting my wisdom teeth out didn't help either.  I may be well rested right now, but I'm just not sharp. I guess now is as good a time as any to be strong but not necessarily fast.  This happened last year, and by late May, I as alright.

There's not too much to say about this one today... It was a day-of decision to go 6 miles over to the race, and try to at least run as fast as I did 2 years ago (26:22).  That of course, didn't happen.  I was 24 seconds slower today that I was 2 years ago, which I don't think means much considering back in 2008, I was racing a lot of indoor track in the winter and I had some good turnover during the months of Jan-March.
 This year, I'm just not there at this point, but feel I could have run a bit better today, but it just wasn't my day.  I'm happy to have finished where I did, considering the quality of the field. Some good guys here today and anyone in the top 5 could have won this race (Chris Mahoney was the winner in 2008).  Matt Germain is in monster shape right now and has been on the track this winter, so it was no surprise to me that he was strong and fluid today, as he ran out front from mile 1 and took the win.  I had a great view, from 1 mile onward, as I rode 2nd place the whole time and just felt flat.  I caught him at around 3.5 and lost him again by 4.  I had no drive or desire to find that additional gear and go for it.  I got complacent and just 'settled' early on in the race, for 2nd place.  The last mile was just basically running for 2nd and calling it a day.  Matt has a 3k to run tonight at BU and I wish him well...He told me he's focusing on hammering a fast one at the DH Jones 10 Miler coming up in a couple weeks and has been putting in some great work to get there...

Good day for CMS, putting 3 boys in the top 7 in the 5 miler (Varsity race) and Dave Dunham ran well in the ladies (JV) race (6k) despite a serious foot injury he's nursing.  Not a good sign seeing him limp back to the cars after the race instead of cooling down... Hope he shakes it off as quickly as he has his last 84 injuries he's had since I started training w/ him last year.

Splits (didn't get mile 3)

5:10 (10:25)
?:?? (??:??)
?:?? (21:30)
5:16 (26:46)

Miles 3+4 = 11:05

Miles 3 & 4 are a bit rolly, with the major climb on the course happening during this time...not surprising my 2 miles here were on the slow side....

Top 10 (CMS in Blue)

1Matthew Germain    27HAVERHILL MASISU26:395:20
2Jim Johnson    32SALEM NHCMS26:465:22
3Joshua Gordon     35BOSTON MABAA27:215:29
4Robert Jackman    27WARWICK RITNT27:345:31
5Chris Mahoney    32HAVERHILL MAWHIRL27:365:32
6Dan Verrington 47BRADFORD MACMS28:055:37
7David Quintal    46SALEM NHCMS28:185:40
8Aidan Kimball    16ATKINSON NHT.H.S.28:435:45
9Reno Stirrat    55DORCHESTER MAWHIRL28:505:46
10Steve Wolfe      45MERRIMACK NHAcidotic29:275:54

311 Overall Finishers.

All Photos by Jim Rhoades.


  1. For a guy who does ZERO speed work and then comes in 2nd o/a in an early February race.... I don't know about you but I find that pretty impressive. Great job yesterday.

  2. I hear what you're saying about not having the wheels to cover any moves. Still a good job esp. w/ no speed work. Hey, w/ the wisdom teeth now gone, you'll be that much lighter (and faster).

  3. ha..that's the second time today i've heard the wisdom teeth thing :)... I have a ways to go before I am comfy on the roads again...but no excuses...I have couple weeks before my 27/28 splits at DH Jones ;)...